Group of five calls for EU military headquarters

Group of five calls for EU military headquarters


Five of the biggest EU countries have tasked foreign relations chief Catherine Ashton with making plans for an EU military command centre despite British objections.

Foreign ministers from the group – France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain – in a letter dated 2 September and seen by EUobserver urged Ashton to: “Examine all institutional and legal options available to member states, inlcuding permanent structred co-operation, to develop critical CSDP [Common Security and Defence Policy] capabilities, notably a permanent planning and conduct capability.”

They added: “We would appreciate if you present conclusions of the work … in early autumn with a view to achieving tangible results by the end of the year.”

Comment by Adamantine:

We need to say WOW! once in awhile.

How can those who favor the Islamic theories instead of Europe at least not admit the possibilities.

Thanks Justasheep for this link.


2 thoughts on “Group of five calls for EU military headquarters

  1. Daniel 11:45

    And he shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.


  2. And Also – Turkey is ratcheting up the anti-Israel rhetoric.,7340,L-4119834,00.html
    Turkey: Warships will back next flotilla

    Turkish PM Erdogan announces Ankara’s ships will escort aid vessels headed to Gaza. Jerusalem: Rhetoric concerning but will not impact Gaza blockade. Meanwhile, Ankara-Cairo ties get commercial boost in form of military, trade contracts and naval maneuvers

    The Israelis seem to be in disbelief that he’d actually do it. I for one think this is not a bluff and he has every intention of doing it. I also think it will cause an intensification of the crisis as NATO will be forced to boot Turkey from the alliance, and I wonder if this would cause Turkey to be removed from the EU candidate list. Things are getting very interesting…


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