Tired of Waiting

Sign at entrance to Temple Mount.


One hundred years ago, he added, the people who spoke about establishing a Jewish state were a tiny minority – yet this is what happened. “The chances for a state 100 years ago were much slimmer than the chance for a Temple today,” he said. “Ofcourse one person cannot do this, so we have united – all of the bodies that focus on this subject and we want to tell the public – we built a state, now it is time for a change of consciousness.”

Comment by Adamantine:

Nothing speaks to me more of the lack of spiritual fervor in Israel than this delay on making use of the Temple Mount.

I am tired of waiting and I would think they should be also.


One thought on “Tired of Waiting

  1. Good grief, what a statement Adamantine, I have been tired since I was a teenager and finally understood about prophecy and Jesus coming back. Well I knew he was coming back when I first truly understood but not all of it. I was young. Then my brother in law baptized me in a river here in Washington state, cause I could not remember ever being baptized, but then got re baptized to join a church, and I will never let anyone re baptize me again. If my baptism by a true believer was not enough no church gonna get me to do that again. So I have learned much over these years, which to me seem way to many and have seen way too much suffering around me in this world, in my family. Not to say a lot but just to let you know I have a large family, my father died when my mom was pregnant with me her ninth child. Well sorry I am getting way to much into things for this post.

    But needless to say many around me have suffered much, and millions more suffering today in so so many ways. I do believe with this economy and all the things happening our country is about to suffer even, even more too.

    Please send Jesus to us soon Father, we are ready to see your kingdom here on earth. But we know your desire is for all men to be saved as the Apostle Peter has told us.

    Help us to be good witnesses to your love and mercy, but as well your soon coming judgment and wrath on those who deny your existence and do evil.


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