Southern Decadence day and who will sit at the table with Jesus

September 7, 2011 1:48 am

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

Sounds like a lot of you are very unrepentant, cold hearted sinners who feast on hate rather than love. I wonder if Jesus would want you at his table….

Comment by Adamantine to JT:
Your point is certainly worthy of response
1) Judging is the casting of stones (or doing any ACT that would hurt the sinner) Discussing God’s ways and leaving vengeance and the actual punishment to God is the correct avenue. It is not judging. It is discernment.

2) I am using words however to state that a city that actually celebrates sin and decadence may be asking for GOD to CAST STONES

3) You need to understand as Christians we reach out to each other and the world with the love that says to ourselves and others that we need to repent of sin and accept Gods forgiveness

4) We leave the casting of stones to God.

5) Speaking to the issues of sin and God’s judgment is not wrong or sinful

6) There are many now who actually hate God because He casts stones ….after a person or city refuses repeated calls from God. We are not good at knowing exactly when and where God “casts stones” but we know that when He does it is done in perfect justice after a time of perfect mercy. We may never know what God is doing with others. I think that His judgments are for those affected to discern. We do not know get to know short of divine revelation which person is under judgment. The book of Job teaches us that we do not know. The rest of the Bible however teaches us that God does judge and that we best judge ourselves before He must correct us.

7) Our prayer is for New Orleans to repent and turn so that God may Bless the city and not judge the city.

8 ) If we may not surmise about God’s dealing with a city that proclaims it’s sin like Sodom then we might as well cease to speak to sin anywhere on the face of the earth.

9) We continue to address these issues because we are a very small part of the Great Commission

New International Version (©1984)
and repentance and forgiveness of SINS will be preached in his name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.


One thought on “Southern Decadence day and who will sit at the table with Jesus

  1. obviously this gentleman jt does not know our hearts (who posted) yours or ours. Jesus judged sin-He said go and sin no more-but He loved those He told that to. (we know His ultimate expression of that is His Cross-where justice and mercy met together-Jesus got justice-mine-i got mercy-His). perhaps he thinks he knows us but does not-not knowing the love of Jesus in us who are prompted to pray and reach out to those caught in sin as in what i posted of jude 20-25 (maybe he did not bother to read that) as the basis for what was written and understand the intent then he would be the one guilty of lovelessness-which is the very heart of judging that Jesus condemns. hate-all-sin-but for Jesus’ sake love-the-sinner-each and all. i’m only as one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread. we cannot love like that-apart from Him and we cannot know how ugly and destructive sin is either-apart from Him. love in 1 cor 13 hates evil. nuff said.


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