Dating After Divorce In a City of Sluts


Dating After Divorce In a City of Sluts



Comment by Adamantine:

This is an excellent expose article on what is happening to the world.

I have an answer for this lady writer but she is unlikely to take it.

1) Go look  your new spouse at a Church prayer meeting.

2) After discerning that they are not certifiably insane start dating among that crowd.

3) Pray for the Church, pray for a new spouse

4) Repent if you divorced your first spouse because of your own sin.( This should probably have been number one on this list)

I would hope that the few men she met this way were not looking to sleep with her before marriage.

5) I am of the questionable opinion that God destroys societies that get to the point where sin is so rampant that it is nothing but a hindrance to all of His plans to reach children, the sorrowing sinner and the lost of all types. God does not tell me very much about His plans but based on a book He wrote I make suppositions of what He may be up to. New York City does not seem to be known for its chastity.




7 thoughts on “Dating After Divorce In a City of Sluts

  1. Remarrying after a divorce…I have wondered about this. In Luke 16:18 says “Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery; and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from her husband committeth adultery. Does this not say that you sin when you remarry after a divorce?


  2. Comment by Adamantine:
    This is truly a sticky wicket.
    My take is that if the person was divorced by the other spouse or the other spouse committed adultery then they are divorced in a manner that allows remarriage. That is my fly by the seat of my pants theology. Others may parse this in other ways but such is the way I teach my children. If anyone else wishes to attack this issue or direct us to a good discussion on it with a link please do so. It can be quite complex.


  3. I don’t think it’s fly by the seat of your pants at all. I agree with Adamantine above. I don’t think it would have been recorded twice in Matthews Gospel (5:19, and 19:9) If the Lord didn’t mean it. In the interest of full disclosure this is my situation (not currently but over a decade ago). I don’t think we can take one verse (luke 16:18) and interpret it without the context provided by other verses, those above and 1 Corinthians 7 – which point us toward staying married so much as it depends on us. How can it be sin for a man or woman to seek a spouse when their former spouse had effectively abandoned the marriage convenant?


  4. One other thought- the article seems to be a confirmation that:

    “And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.” Matthew 24:12

    has been fulfilled.


  5. i am a remarried christian woman. there was scriptural basis for my divorce because of the adultery that my first husband committed. i was willing to remain married to him and love him according to the vows i said before the Lord. he was not willing-he was not a believer and he left-the same for my current husband with his former spouse. we knew we were free to remarry-but only in the Lord. we both became friends but left the option of re-marriage to the Lord–the if–it was a great big if-or when-it had to be His Time His way. there was much soul-searching and repenting. he did that and so did i. i had prayed and said Lord i blew it the first go ’round. if You want me to remarry-next time You pick. God brought untold details together-right down to making it right even for the poor dog! and we knew we had the Lord’s smile on us as a couple. we lived apart-stayed apart-carried on normal lives apart until Jesus showed us even what day to marry. that is almost 19 years ago now. we have a Christ-centered home and our blended families love each other. we have been through some real tough challenges but we knew the Lord approved of us together and we fell back on that knowledge often. it was Grace-all Grace–my whole life is a picture of Grace and the Lord Jesus has more Grace than we can exhaust! most remarriages do not last-true-but anything is possible in His Strength and Love. i am reminded of this very very often and hope others will wait on the Lord and let Him bring the right person to them-if that is His plan-rather than trying to bring that about themselves. it takes genuine faith to marry according to the Lord’s standard for marriage but then again doesn’t everything?


  6. Justinsheep, 1 Cor 7 speaks of married to unbelievers and if they should leave you. That is a specific case. This should not be in general.


  7. Thank you Agie, that is absolutely correct though I oversimplified. In my case we were both (my ex-wife and I) unbelievers (in reality even if not openly admitting such) at the time we were married and later divorced. If I looked back on it though from a biblical perspective 1 cor 7 didn’t apply since there was an issue of unrepentant adultery in the case of my ex (and many sins I have since repented of on my own) so 1 Cor 7 didn’t apply.

    If someone is in a marriage to someone who claims to believe the standard of Matthew 18 15-17 should apply I think. I don’t think someone who spurns a spouse’s plea for repentance, the imploring of two or three witnesses, or the discipline of the church should be allowed to hold a spouse bound to a covenant, and biblical standard they obviously reject.


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