I was Wrong

Comment by Adamantine:

I was wrong to imply awhile back that this Hurricane was going to hit the US. If I may correct myself I thought it suspicious that it might be and I thought it highly suspicious that God was warning America with the back to back Earthquake and Hurricane to the East Coast. To fine tune these things requires careful wording to get the accurate ideas across.

In the end I think God does warn and judge. He also may show mercy after people pray. Unless one thinks they have a specific word from God on such things I think one should speak cautiously about such things.


One thought on “I was Wrong

  1. Comment by Wickus:

    The current projection shows that Katia may turn north and miss the east coast, but this type of projections had been wrong before.

    I hope you are wrong. I don’t want to see a new post next week called “I was wrong again” if Katia does hit the east coast. 🙂


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