Discharged for Being Gay, Veterans Seek to Re-enlist

many gay men and lesbians who were discharged under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy say they want to rejoin the service, drawn by a life they miss or stable pay and benefits they could not find in civilian life.

Comment by Adamantine:

I thought the “do not ask and do not tell system” to be the reasonable approach to this issue. I also do not like anonymous informers outing anyone for any crime even when it is the truth.

God loves these men and women even if they have their sexuality wrong

God spends all of His love on these sinners seeking to woo them to Himself and we should not spend our time attacking them personally .

That said I do think God sets Himself firmly against a society embracing the sin in a manner such that it is in the end normalized.

I think scripture is clear on what God thinks of anyone actually promoting sin.

He apparently eventually must judge the individual also for homosexuality even as He does for all sins.

Sooner but usually later one finds one’s life damaged by sin unless repented of and God’s mercy is sought.

These are very difficult problems to get correct and I almost do not wish to speak to them for fear of getting it wrong. God says to be careful as the teacher is held to a higher standard than otherwise. I am not a teacher here but even on this small venue I need to be careful.


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