We do not know God’s Plans

Comment by Adamantine:

I wish to clarify that I do not wish to say any particular past or future event represents God’s judgment. What I do mean to say is that I believe the Bible teaches that God does judge nations and it is His responsibility to do it in a manner that the intended see and understand. I do think that when a city like New Orleans has a “Decadence Day” celebrating homosexuality that it has the appearance of the city standing on its tip toes saying to God “pick me,pick me!” for judgment. Whether Katrina was judgment is up to those who suffered in it to decide. In the meantime outsiders such as myself can only say we are suspicious it may have been God’s judgment and correct our own lives and pray for mercy recognizing that we may at the moment deserve the same fate. If we do not judge and correct ourselves then God chastises.

If Washington D.C. is going to vote to promote homosexuality and abortion then it too may someday be seen by God as standing on its tip toes in defiance of God’s ways. Some see in the millions of those who have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan a condemnation of the US and its war policies. In other words while we may dislike the Islamic extremists who live there that is no valid excuse to build a new world order on its ashes.


6 thoughts on “We do not know God’s Plans

  1. The millions of Christians, and Muslims who died in Afghanistan and Iraq before the US ever did anything, who was being judged there? and all the other african, and arab countries have not been too good to their millions of citizens as well

    I tell you I really think that right now the whole world is under judgement cause every single country seems to have rejected Christ, except for some individuals in the, but the laws and ways of the countries, all of them that I see are certainly not Godly

    sad world and sad, sorry state of affairs of mankind that is for sure


  2. …it would appear as though the whole earth has become BABYLON!, soon it will be, dog eat dog ,as the carnal man within, the beast, takes full control, as lawlessness abounds, and the love of many waxes cold. Nothing more than survival, in the dark. no hope, only despair, for those who chose to reject Him. Hell on earth.///its all over now, baby blue./////// For those in Christ; the Riches of HIS GLORY! count on it!!! HOSANNA, the deliverer has plans beyond our comprehension, for US;you n me…….This is the GOOD NEWS!


  3. …is there anybody OUT THERE???,…just nod if you can hear me!, its me, tony in vt./////i saw this birth day card at the store for a senior citizen i reckon, cause the guy on the front of the card was grouchie looking w/ his cane hunched over w/ some pain and discomfort. on the front of the card by the picture it said, With age comes Wisdom!,…then we opened the card, and it read, Big Deal!/////// i’ll tell you what, Wisdom is a BIG DEAL!, by jigger,…well not that i wood know,…i’m not that old…….yet.///// Has anyone heard that song by Alan Parsons Project,” When I’m Old and Wise”? its quite Beautiful, n really nice listening. you kin tell, i’m bein’ serious now.


  4. Comment by Adamantine:
    Yep I am here but you knew that. 8)
    Thanks for your posting. I knew Vermont and all of New England quite well. I had a job once that took me to practically every New England town. It is a beautiful region. I am so sorry to see it approved homosexuality. Once again I think God hates homosexuality because of how it is a limited form of what he designed for mankind. However I think He destroys societies that embrace homosexuality.
    Did your home escape the floods?


  5. our home escaped, bit our town was ravished,…everyone is working to restore. the spirit of the townfolk is strong, but things look awful and it is sad to see everything in ruins. God be w/ us ALL! thanks, tony in vt.


  6. Comment by Adamantine
    Even though I think God destroys societies that embrace homosexuality I do not say that is what happened to Vermont. I do not know. I think that is for those affected to seek the Lord about. Also one will make oneself very unpopular very fast saying so. God does not ask all to speak to such things. I would hope He has His Jonah IF it were the case.
    UNLESS God has spoke to someone specifically about such things I think it is wisest not to speak for what MAY then not be “directly” from God. It would involve everything from Gods permissive will to intended will etc.


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