Turkey expels Israeli diplomats after UN report


Turkey expels Israeli diplomats after UN report

Comment by Adamantine:

I am still being dragged kicking and screaming down the path to Armageddon. I truly try to disparage this end time scenario and get ready to post something which might demean the possibilities when something like this presents itself and prevents me from doing so. Instead here is one more indication that the enemies which might attack Israel at the end of days  are possibly readying themselves. Turkey first elected borderline Islamic fanatics followed by dumping its secular Generals. Now it expelled and demoted the Israeli diplomatic presence.

These diplomatic gestures so often would seem to be just gestures but if one looks back into history nations have often followed such pathways right into war.


In times of hostility, diplomats are often withdrawn for reasons of personal safety, as well as in some cases when the host country is friendly but there is a perceived threat from internal dissidents. Ambassadors and other diplomats are sometimes recalled temporarily by their home countries as a way to express displeasure with the host country. In both cases, lower-level employees still remain to actually do the business of diplomacy.


One thought on “Turkey expels Israeli diplomats after UN report

  1. Yes boy do I understand what you are saying here adamantine. Israel for sure is being more and more isolated. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for that will be when our Lord returns to rule and reign on the throne of David for the millennial reign and not before. They will be saying peace and safety when sudden destruction comes upon them.


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