7 Reasons This September Should Scare The Crap Out Of You

 Business Insider:

In addition to any unanticipated surprises from natural disasters or final straws for the EU, here are 7 known events that could really rock markets or even make history.

Jews won’t be the only who should be praying harder in weeks ahead.

4 Things That Could Cause Another EU Crisis – Or Collapse

  1. September 7th – Germany’s Constitutional Court Ruling On Legality of Assorted Bailout Policies: It’s been widely assumed that the court would present a problem for Germany’s prior or future EU bailout commitments. We’ve seen a lot of assumptions about the EU die over the past year.
  2. September 23rd- German Parliament Votes On Greek Bailout: Germany has lead the bailout fight, has the strongest economy in Europe, and as the primary funding nation its full participation and leadership in any rescue scheme is non-negotiable for the EZ to survive.
  3. Other EU Member Votes On The Greek Plan
  4. Ongoing EU Sovereign Liquidity Crisis: As noted in PRIOR WEEK MARKET MOVERS: JACKSON HOLE DISTRACTS WHILE EU COLLAPSING, the EU banking system is hitting a worsening liquidity crises as failure to resolve the broader sovereign debt crisis is casting doubt on the banks most exposed to the questionable GIIPS sovereign bonds.

2 Threats From The US: Ongoing US Stimulus, Debt Issues

  1. September 21st- Fed Meeting Widely Anticipated To Bring New Stimulus: With global growth slowing the big hope for risk assets is additional stimulus. A decisively pro or anti stimulus stance from the Fed could easily send markets on a new rally or on the next leg down of the bear market that began in 2007
  2. September 30th Deadline To Pass US Budget In Congress: If there is no US debt crisis in the wake of the Fed meeting, this coming budget battle could easily become congressional catfight that reveals political deadlock, paralysis, and undermines the belief in Washington’s ability to deal responsibly and decisively  with its deficits.
  3. Too Much Damned Uncertainty: With so many landmines scattered throughout September, the sheer heightened uncertainty makes markets that much more prone to selloffss

In the Jewish calendar this week begins the month of Elul, its primary theme being reflection and repentance in advance of the New Year festivals which carry a more intense version of this theme. Here in Jerusalem it’s not hard to feel these themes hanging in air. Looks like we won’t be the only ones praying a little harder in the weeks ahead.

Comment by Wickus:

September seems to be a scary month for some people. We are also interested to see how this month will play out. Will Palestine get their state? Will JS come out of retirement? Will Elenin cause disaster or will it turn into nothing? Will we see a global financial collapse? Keep watching folks!

Thanks to Bro Brian for this link.


4 thoughts on “7 Reasons This September Should Scare The Crap Out Of You

  1. No doubt next month is going to be really interesting. I know I’m staying tuned!

    Here is another reason to believe we are on the precipice of some end-of-the-age tremors: The Detroit Lions of the NFL might actually have a decent season this year. If you are someone that watches American football, you know it has been widely believed for many years that the world might “come to an end” when the Lions actually got good. LOL sarcasm, but I’m telling ya, Christian football fans and the unredeemed have said that for many seasons now! The Lions were 0-16 just a couple years ago – unprecedented!


  2. I don’t know much about American Football. In my country we play Rugby. But one thing that strikes me is that the team in the Currie Cup that is currently top of the log and always the underdogs, is also called the Lions.

    Mighty interesting!



  3. Wickus-

    That is a coincidence! Very interesting. The times they are different from times in the past though. I praise God that He has chosen to whisper subtley to my spirit that we are living in unique times, and i praise Him for directing my path to places such as this site so I don’t feel alone with certain convictions.

    Lol, let’s go Lions, the times are upon us when the last will be first, and the first will be last!


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