Did the Palestinian Authority think through its U.N. gambit?



Comment by adamantine:

This article is almost certainly written by a Jewish writer. This is one of the places where my sympathies lie with Palestinians. There are mixed allegiances among Jews who live in the US and they write in support of Israel often to the exclusion of the benefit of honest Palestinian concerns. This also a reason why the US should never have recognized the Vatican as a State. The US more than many nations has its politics riddled by people who do not place the US first. All countries deal with this and there is no perfect way to deal with it but it is something to be acknowledged.

It is certainly a reason why Barak Obama should have to be a proven legitimate US citizen.


10 thoughts on “Did the Palestinian Authority think through its U.N. gambit?

  1. Really Adamantine, “honest Palestinian concerns”? I agree there are humanitarian issues to consider regarding the plight of palestinians – but after 60 years of seeking to destroy Israel and a refusal to seek any other alternative life other than taking things back from Israel, I think they’ve made their bed. The only way I would have any sympathy for the policies of Palestinian leaders is if they spoke the truth about how they’ve been shunned and denied any real help in carving out a life for themselves by all of their muslim brothers in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq and others. Any of those could have stepped up and made a contribution to establishing a permanent palestinian homeland, and in assimilating Palestinians into their own society on an equal plane with their native residents. Back before Balfour- the land was virtually a wasteland with very few inhabitants so to make the claim that Jews have displaced Palestinians is really like saying Irish displaced Italians in Boston. I believe the Palestinian ethnicity is a Satanic ploy to deny Israelis their homeland.

    There was a time when I was back in college that I was very sympathetic toward the Palestinian cause (long before I knew Christ). Ever since, the more I look into who these people were, where they came from and what they’ve been doing since ’48 – I really can’t muster any sympathy at all. I sympathize with the innocent children – but at some point a reasonable person (and a loving parent) would say- these Israelis have had an attachment to this land for millenia and this fight will never end- I could make a home in any one of dozens of surrounding nations and have everything in common with the residents there and make a better life for my family (kind of like if I were to move from Chicago to Austin Texas).

    I don’t mean to attack anyone’s position on humanitarian concerns, but I felt I had to speak what I think are important truths into the conversation.


  2. Mrs. Justasheep here–

    I’m probably less sympathetic to the Palestinian plight than my husband. I think that if the UN establishes a Palestinian state the Israelis should raze to the ground any buildings they built or improvemements they have made to the designated area. Leave it as they found it. I’m such a big meanie. (yeah, I hang out with my young children all the time 😉 )


  3. Adamantine- I just re-read my own post. I could have started it without the opening lines, if I were reading it directed at me I would have found it pretty insulting. I’m apologize.


  4. The “fakestinians” are nothing more than Arabs. I have nothing against people who are Arab, just because they are Arab, but when they go parading around lies and try to destroy my people, I have no sympathy. When they teach their children in school that the Jewish people ruthlessly murder Arab children and that Israel stole the land from them and teach them that they must kill Jews for their religion and approve of the murders of Jews, how can I? When they gather 7 Arab nations on Yom Kippur, a day that Yahweh says we are to do no work, and storm Israel on every border when they are all on Sabbath, for the purpose of destroying them, or try to destroy them the day Israel became a nation again, even though Israel had no army, it is not right by any means.

    I know that a majority of Jews are not yet believers in Yeshua Messiah (but that will change soon) God has still saved them miraculously, even in recent years.

    You should watch the documentary called:
    “Against All Odds Israel Survives”

    This film portrays massive miracles that our God has done for his chosen people (the Jews) in recent years, (which of course believers in Yeshua have been grafted in to) .


  5. i just watched the Hal Lindsey video at 20:20 and on. I think and hope that when major developments unfold in the months following, he will be able to see exactly what is going on concerning the events we have been discussing on this site for some time, and will be a watchman and a voice for those that are sleeping.


  6. Testof time. I agree completely. As an Irish Italian from Boston (lol) I often time need to remind myself that as gentile, I have been “grafted in” to God chosen people. Also, it was the Lord that specifically said, Jacob have I loved and Esau Jave I hated.


  7. I came across this site last week and was more than disturbed by this post; however TestofTime and Justasheep have said what I wanted to say very eloquently. Please, please, pray about this situation. I agree that there are human lives at risk (I too get frustrated when I hear people say nasty things about any group of people because I’m thinking of their eternal souls); but realize that there is so much more out there than what is being reported. Did you know that right now Israel is (yet again) dealing with missile attacks – and yet the American news (and probably the rest of the world) hasn’t been reporting on it at all. But I guarantee you that the second Israel fires back there will be condemnation all over the world.



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