What the Arab Spring, Europe Protests Have in Common, (Democracy ???)

Thousands of Egyptians protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square in April.  The crowds were demanding the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak.   A wide view of many thousands of people holding banners.


Mary Kaldor was part of the opposition movement in Hungary during the Cold War. She is now a professor of global governance at the London School of Economics.

MARY KALDOR: “People assumed that somehow the Middle East was different and that was based on assumptions that somehow Islam is different — ‘It’s not like us.’ And that was an assumption that underpinned the war on terror, too. And I think what’s so wonderful about the Arab Spring is that it’s disproving that assumption. It’s showing that Arabs are just as democratic as everyone else.”

Comment by Adamantine:

Mary Kaldor was an official consultant to JS. She was probably the one responsible for allowing JS to get an honorary doctorate in Economics from the London School of Economics. George Soros was also likely responsible for getting JS an honorary doctorate in economics from his University. JS is undoubtedly a qualified man but some of his supposed expertise is the fluff of back slapping paybacks the world gives those willing to play along.

Somehow one wonders if Mary Kaldor truly believes these comments because the result of the revolutions in the so called Arab Spring are going to bring an Islamic winter to the region. My own suspicion is that somehow these changes support the changes those desiring a new world order are putting into place. If we are correct then JS will fool them all including George Soros and Mary Kaldor.

The UN vote coming up in September will be very interesting for those of us still suspicious that something prophetic is afoot.

I think we may be forgiven if we actually hope these events are prophetic because if not the world is still moving towards a one new world order which I believe will be a deep dark long winter for freedom and Christianity regardless.


3 thoughts on “What the Arab Spring, Europe Protests Have in Common, (Democracy ???)

  1. You know if you want to call it democracy, remember that this is mob rule, right? This is why in America we have a representative republic and not a true democracy in the sense of what that means. Mob rule is not always good that is for sure. But if mob rule gets what they want, then they find themselves in a mess, a good setup for antichrist is certainly there. And as well God will allow mob rule in the sense tha mankind will get what it is asking for. Believers excluded of course.


  2. And if weak, fragmented, ineffectual governments plagued by secterian infighting and personal vendettas result – the people will only be too anxious to cast their vote when the first charismatic pan-islamic leader stands up, to initiate a reborn caliphate (IMHO the king of the south). I don’t think it will include Iran because of their Shiite dominance – but I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t some wide reaching sunni confederacy from morocco in the east to Oman in the west. Perhaps Syria and Turkey will find themselves aligned with Iran, the central asians and russia (for the EZ 38-9 debacle)


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