Time for Prayer

Texas Suffers Worst Drought Year on Record


“This is one of the largest populations that will be impacted by one storm at one time.”


“One of my greatest nightmares was having a major hurricane go up the whole Northeast coast,”  the National Hurricane Center’s retired director, told the APress as the storm lurched toward the U.S.

“This is going to be a real challenge … There’s going to be millions of people affected.

“We’re going to have damages, we just don’t know how bad,”  Fugate told AP .

“This is one of the largest populations that will be impacted by one storm at one time.”

In the last 200 years, New York has seen only a few significant hurricanes. In September of 1821, a hurricane raised tides by 13 feet in an hour and flooded all of Manhattan south of Canal Street, the southernmost tip of the city. The area now includes Wall Street and the World Trade Center memorial.

Hurricanes have made landfall on New Jersey just twice in the last 200 years, in 1821 and 1903, the latter battering the Atlantic City area. But the state now has 8.8 million people and coastal areas packed with homes and businesses — and 11 major casinos in Atlantic City.


“The year 2011 has already established itself in the record books as a historic year for weather-related disasters, and it is not over — in fact, hurricane season is just getting under way,” NOAA Deputy Administrator Kathryn D. Sullivan told the Senate Appropriations Committee in late July.

Comment by Adamantine:

When is it ever not a time for prayer?

1) We take no pleasure in risk or destruction. I wish the Bible story said that one day the sky would be clear blue and all problems in the world start going away for the next fifty years as we approach the return of Christ. Then floating in comes Christ to the applause of all.

The problem is that all sin seems to be going off the charts. I preach to myself because we all have had some sin which may dog our steps.  (1) WE HOWEVER ASK FOR FORGIVENESS AND REPENT. GOD HAS A WAY TO DEAL WITH THAT AND IT IS JESUS AND HIS CRUCIFIXION.

2) The world now is embracing sin. I do not pick on Barak Obama. He is choosing all of the wrong options. He supports abortion,homosexuality, and a  form of Christianity that seems not to wish to point out the failing of all other religions.

3) We think we may have seen the trigger signs saying Christ’s return is near

4) We ask for mercy for all who live in any area of the world which has problems. It may be drought in Texas or flooding in Minot , North Dakota.  I apologize in that this site is a bit centered on the western world and the US. Most of our readers are from these regions. I wish we had more from China for instance. I pray we have no readers if we are fully wrong in what we say.

5) Please pray for those we see threatened by problems. Hurricane Irene is one

6) I ask for prayer for myself as I face a challenge. I may be speaking to a crowd soon about religious topics they may wish to avoid.

I also am facing a personal business challenge. I am no Paul but I do notice that Paul did ask for personal prayer occasionally in his letters and these are my letters so I am taking a page from his book and asking you to pray that God lead me to my next task He would have me do. Before you sign off today please pray a few seconds for any others you know who face difficulties and add me

Thank You. Praise Him for what He will do for His children in the midst of drought and flood.

6) The maps show too much rain in one area and too little in another. Is that blessing or a curse? Dare we comment at all?

Why does that offend so many? The response is the same for either.

Praise God in the apparent good and the apparent bad as did Job and Joseph, and  repent and pray always.

God promises that He will work ALL things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to his purpose.


Lastly if we have record droughts, record floods and record losses to the nation in “natural” disasters just when might someone wonder if God is speaking? Just what does He have to do knock the block off the top of the National Cathedral? Crack the Top of the Washington Monument? How about collapse the dollar?


6 thoughts on “Time for Prayer

  1. 6) The maps show too much rain in one area and too little in another. Is that blessing or a curse? Dare we comment at all?

    It’s pretty much like that in Australia every year 🙂


  2. Praying and fasting tomorrow for my stepdaughter and her family in the DC metro. I’ll be on my knees and will keep your upcoming challenges speaking, and in your business before the throne too.


  3. adamantine, may the Lord be your Guide and Peace. may the Lord grant you His Heart of Wisdom and the Mind of Christ to illumine the path before you that all things He has appointed in the duty that lies nearest work toward your good and His Glory. that you would be granted great opportunity to shine the Truth of Jesus and His Gospel and that there may be ears to hear and hearts to respond to the message of God through you. Jesus said to the storm “peace be still” and it was. our storms are His opportunity to show Himself strong in our behalf. He has overcome the world. praise His Name! the Power and Glory are His forever!


  4. Adamantine, may I say that this is one of your most personal posts, a post were we can feel the person behind the written word. Be assured of my prayers for you, Justasheep and all in the path of the approaching hurricane.

    And may the Lord use you when you speak to the crowd. If I may ask, are you going to speak about prophecy?



  5. You are in my prayers – praying our LORD will direct your steps and you will shine the Light of His Truth to all that He will give you opportunity to speak to. To God be ALL glory.

    We live in Texas, not seen significant rain in some parts since last November – temps have been over 100 day after day after… all the grass and trees are either dead or dying,

    BUT GOD…. We like Job indeed praise Him in the good and in the bad – for it is only in the valley does the best fruit grow and since we as true believers are to strive to be transformed to His image – He continues to give us opportunity to do so.

    He who has promised IS faithful – the Lamb of God.!!.


  6. Am praying for all my family along the eastern coast, where I grew up. As well as praying for all the people in this world, it is time for man to recognize their creator again, and repent. Many are going through extreme difficulties here, in one way or another, I ask for mercy and peace for all of those here who may be having tough times too. Our nation has turned our back towards the apple of God’s eye, Israel and is telling them to part with their land they won through war and loss. I do believe we are in the time when God is for sure trying to wake his creation, man, up. Again am praying for all, for I know the will of God is that all men be saved.


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