God has almost certainly Spoken



due to a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that
struck Virginia Tuesday, the National Park Services has revealed an inspection found cracks in the stones at the top of the Monument.


Washington’s National Cathedral, host to state funerals and memorial services for many U.S. presidents, suffered damage with three spires in the central tower breaking off.

National Cathedral is Damaged in Earthquake

Comment by Adamantine:

It is not difficult to suspect and suggest that when the two major symbols of the country and its relationship to God have been damaged in a rare earthquake that the nation should consider it a possible warning.

That is my understanding of this event. The nation may have been warned and the next time unless repentance occurs the damage will be monumental. I chose that word with purpose.

I actually believe GOD HAS SPOKEN. All believing Christians will be pondering this as a possibility and that is in itself a form of proof.


Did God Send a Tornado to Warn The ELCA?

August 21st, 2009 Greg Boyd

On Wednesday, August 19, five small tornados formed in and around the Twin Cities. Included among the property damage was a broken church steeple. It just so happens that Central Lutheran Church was hosting the National Convention of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) and that one of the issues they were discussing was their stance on homosexuality. According to John Piper, this is no coincidence.

In a blog that unfortunately managed to make it on the local evening news John offered “an interpretation of this Providence.” He claimed “[t]he tornado in Minneapolis was a gentle but firm warning to the ELCA and all of us: Turn from the approval of sin.” You can read his blog here.

Now, I appreciate John as a brother in Christ and respect him as a pastor working for the Kingdom. And I have no quarrel with his view that homosexuality should not be affirmed as God’s ideal. But when he publicly claims to discern a divine warning behind the behavior of a particular tornado, I feel I need to offer a public response, if only to remind non-Christians that not all Christians think like this.

Additional Comments by Adamantine:

When Christ died God sent a storm to darken the mid day sky. He also sent an earthquake which opened tombs. If God signaled His displeasure at that time and yet many other earthquakes and storms do not show His displeasure are we to believe God ever speaks this way to the world now?

Was God not speaking to the world for all generations when He sent fire and brimstone to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?

The 19th century Victorian readers of the digging up Pompeii were shocked to see that so many homes sported pornographic paintings. Was God speaking when he destroyed Pompeii? in AD 79 ?

Should the hurricane Irene makes its way to Washington D.C. we WILL have to wrestle with these issues. God may have called thinking Christians to watch with wisdom. I may be wrong but this is the way God seems to work and warn IMHO.

The eyes of the nation will be turned to Washington DC on Sunday August 28 for the dedication of the Martin Luther King memorial. It may also be the arrival of a category M (major) hurricane.

Hurricane Irene regains Category 2 strength

MIAMI (AP) – Hurricane Irene has regained Category 2 strength with 100 mph winds as it heads toward the East Coast.


9 thoughts on “God has almost certainly Spoken

  1. Horus on the dollar bill, The obelisk (Washington Monument)…
    Who does the US really worship? By the looks of it not Jesus.

    The obelisk, the ancient Egyptian phallic symbol representing the male principle. The union of those two principles gives birth to a third entity, an offspring, that can be described as “spiritual energy”.

    There is a fair bit of info at vigilant citizen about the symbolism..



  2. There is no doubt in my mind that the USA is “Mystery Babylon”.

    it’s amazing how so many Christians believe our nation was established by God alone….God’s will…..sure…..but much more was going on behind the scenes than most care to believe or admit.


  3. +1 Shorttribber

    And for people who think that God does not use earthquakes and hurricanes, consider this:

    Mat 10:29 Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.

    If God can look in such detail after a common sparrow, with such love and care that one will fall on the ground out of Gods will, how much more does he look after people? Do you think that an earthquake is something out of Gods control or maybe a round won by the devil? I will tell you in no uncertain terms that this is Gods creation and no devil has any control over it UNLESS it is ordained by God.

    So if the earth shakes, God wants your attention. Repent and seek Him.



  4. Comment by ADAMANTINE:
    The best candidate for mystery Babylon still seems to me to be Rome as its history extends much further back. Of course maybe it is NYC/USA but less likely. I have written on this before and now understand the fatigue that must set in for Hal Lindsey when for the 1,000th time he must defend his view that the rapture is pre- trib. I remain open to hearing your arguments for why it is the USA and if you write something comprehensive post it here or possibly we can feature it.


  5. Revelation speaks of Babylon and MYSTERY BABYLON. In my view the US serves as the best candidate for Babylon as the merchants of the earth will not mourn when the RCC falls.

    I see Mystery Babylon currently still as a mystery. I can guess it is the apostate, Rick Warren type church, but I can be wrong. Time will tell who she is.

    Tribber, what say ye?



  6. i would like to know WHEN mystery babylon gets destroyed/, as far as who she is is definitely a mystery/, and this here business about fleein’ from it, …well, hey, if we take n resist the devil, then he’ll flee from us- see what i’m a gettin’ at here! heck wiff em’.


  7. …and heck with his babylon outfit. i ain’t a fleein’ nowheres, except into the Jesus. Greater is He that is in me…i ain’t scared!


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