New World Order is Too big to Fail

The Fed’s Secret Liquidity Lifelines


The Federal Reserve provided as much as $1.2 tillion in public money to banks and other companies from August 2007 through April 2010 to head off a depression.

Comment by Adamantine:

This chart reveals that US Taxpayers were involved in the bail out of foreign banks. For those already suspicious of an international banking cartel this adds fuel for the fire. For those who worked for much smaller companies in the last few years which failed they must wonder why they could not have been bailed out too. They were  apparently too small to succeed .

For those who look to see a sign of a new world order it is likely to be in the money system. Someday and maybe fairly soon the international monetary system may require the help of manipulations by all of the world in order to get stuck gears grinding smoothly and running again. It would suggest that it will require a monitoring of all buying and selling. I suggest that requires an electronic currency which eventually requires an access key in the form of a “mark” .

Please note that the article says the bailouts began in August 2007. On this site we might find that date suspicious because it is the first year of the ENPI. I also am suspicious because of the possible prophetic insight of gold at 666.00 on July 14,2007 which some considered a sign of the beginning of a battle for world economic hegemony. Because each time JS has been potentially “marked” with the number 666 it was at the time of acquisition of new powers.  Is this what happened on July 14,2007?

It is very strange to be making such guesses but it is a very strange time we seem to be living in. I appreciate others on this site who are available to keep us grounded. Please challenge any suppositions that seem too far fetched. I do suspect that George Washington and Alexander Hamilton of US history would have had quite  the discussion had these transfer occurred in their day. George Washington wanted to avoid entangling alliances. These types of bailouts seem quite entangling to me. No wonder Ron Paul wants to audit the US Federal Reserve. It may end up appearing to be a vehicle for the New World Order. Imagine what other secrets may be hidden? This may be but the tip of the ice berg.

Once again the small homeowner in default is too small to succeed. This type of financial manipulation may be what God speaks of when he says the rich grind the poor. This is almost enough to make one give a small applause for Karl Marx. Communism may not be the answer but Capitalism appears to be failing as well. I await with anticipation the Kingdom of God on earth when everyone will sit under his own vine-tree.


8 thoughts on “New World Order is Too big to Fail

  1. I am no economist, so perhaps the following statement will be stupid.

    Would it not have been better to use all that bailout money to settle the outstanding bonds that caused the liquidity problem? In that way all the banks would have got their money back so they could start borrowing again and the bond holder would have had spare cash as his bond was settled and he could start buying again to boost the economy. I am sure that the billions of Dollars used to bail out the banks would have been enough to settle most of the outstanding bonds.

    But like I have said I am no economist and no politician.



  2. And I say to wickus, thank god for that, you are no politician for sure. The Federal Reserve has been said by many from the beginning to be an evil conglomerate and I would have to say as I have studied it I would have to agree with that.


  3. Bernanke is scheduled to speak Friday morning in Jackson Hole.

    talking about a QE3 coming up, we will see. But the world is the world.


  4. Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion From Fed

    Citigroup Inc. (C) and Bank of America Corp. (BAC) were the reigning champions of finance in 2006 as home prices peaked, leading the 10 biggest U.S. banks and brokerage firms to their best year ever with $104 billion of profits.
    By 2008, the housing market’s collapse forced those companies to take more than six times as much, $669 billion, in emergency loans from the U.S. Federal Reserve. The loans dwarfed the $160 billion in public bailouts the top 10 got from the U.S. Treasury, yet until now the full amounts have remained secret.

    Hey really I am not even out on the web looking for these headlines, they are just showing up. Thought they might be informative to all here.


  5. The Federal reserve should be shut down.
    Kennedy had the right idea and same goes with people like Ron Paul. Another thing is the Fed has never ever been audited…
    But people who have done the research know that the Fed (privately owned) is a Front for the Global Banking Cartels of the world .
    Printing money is FAIL, simple. They should let the US just crash and get it over with instead of hanging carrots in front of everyone’s face every couple of years.
    The problem is they cant really print more again without really upsetting countries like China.
    It will end up with a depression, War or even both.
    Unless a new global system is implemented ASAP which is the likely scenario which will end the US reign as the reserve currency.
    That will cause hyperinflation in the US due to the costs of your fuel, oil, food will just go up to the level where the rest of the world is already at due to they cant just print money whenever they feel like it. Then the rest of the world will also get hit with higher prices just not as bad as the US. So in reality the US will get hit twice where everyone else will get hit once.
    Either way the US is going to lose.
    No wonder its not mentioned in Statue in Daniel of the great empires after Nebuchadnezzar.
    Europe is mentioned twice but no USA. People think it is a empire and that’s funny. God obviously doesn’t recognize America as a empire or surely it would have been part of the Statue.
    The US got rich while everyone else was fighting WW2. The US sat back pretty much and did nothing until they got attacked.
    They made their wealth of destroying every other country with their over consumption so the US got everything cheap and everyone else had to pay more and still do to this day.
    But that is about to change due to the US economy is just a giant Ponzi Scheme.
    Empires are run by Leaders and not Morons like the US has leading them.


  6. Comment by Adamantine:
    To Lafreak
    I agree with 2/3 of your comments.The US was not lead by morons until the last 40 years. The Eisenhowers/Kennedys and that generation that took the US to the moon were hardworking and smart. The US also did not wait to join WWII and get rich while everyone else was fighting WWII. It got rich because for awhile it followed the ideas of George Washington who argued stay away from the eternal struggles of Europe. The US got rich because of the inventions of the light bulb, cotton gin,transistor,computer silicon chip,computer software,and almost some part in every invention that matters. The US began to stumble from the 1960’s on because of sin pure and simple. It could have at the end of WWII truly become a world empire but did not. The debasement of the currency also started out with good intentions to help the West in the face of communist attacks worldwide. It began to give away far too much money at home trying to help the poor and overseas trying to help the weak. The US absurdly for the last 40 years has given money to Egypt and Israel. The US is going to lose and by this time in history deserves it. It, however, was for a while the most righteous nation on earth and it used its God given wealth to help others far more than to develop a hegemony. The hegemony came almost by default because God blessed the nation. You need to understand the tragedy of the fall of the US is greatest not because it is now so rotten but because it was once so good. Europe as it rises as the worlds last empire will only be a mean spirited evil empire built on the ashes of a failing world system. Europe will be run by a genius of a man who is energized by Satan.
    There is little true glory in the rise of Europe currently. There is very little rejoice about in the debasement of the US. In addition some of the debasement of the US may have occurred because the plans of cabal of the new world order and traitors elected president. Clinton was probably the first and his nomination of Solana to run NATO and Clinton’s receiving the Charlemagne Award both speak to where Clinton’s success reside. He gave the US military “do not ask and do not tell”. That sounds actually to be the story of Clinton’s life.


  7. i have to agree with you adamantine. america has ceased being great because she has ceased being good. (a quote from who i don’t remember). your assessment of the 60’s pretty much echoes my thinking because though many compromises were put in place in the fdr years-it was the 60’s that we notice how much the people were really beginning to cast off restraint and leaving the biblical model behind. God has moved since then-the Jesus movement that had some effect for a time on the nation-but by and large the hook was set for that downward spiral in the moral fabric of the nation and families began their real crumble with the rest of society following suit. seems to me that the world’s jealousy of the usa-while coming with their hands out-made them very much resent our country. with our priorities having shifted to the root of all evil-the love of our almighty dollar somewhere we got the idea in the last 2 decades especially that we needed to buy our friends. without reliance on God and our once self-reliant nation becoming a thing of the past we became dependent up to our necks in the world’s compromises and deceits. to quote my pastor-we went in to debt to buy things we did not need to impress people we don’t even like-so to speak. america became more and more unsettled about what she stood for. and here we are today-a new world order. america is not mentioned because she passes quietly into the sunset and onto the pages of history having significantly paved the way for the new world order that is consuming her at present. we had the truth-and chucked it-we did not repent and we did not honor the Lord but sought honor for ourselves in the world at large (i speak in generalities here in all the points i’m trying to make) and the Lord gave us what we wanted (lusted for) but sent leanness into our souls-our prosperity became a curse in the hands of the covetous. we made “friends” with those not our friends and payday is here. and abandoned our true friend israel in what appears to me as the last straw. that is good to have pointed out when those bailouts mentioned happened. how telling is that! and we like gomer (from the prophet hosea) are headed to the auction block……man can’t get it right because his heart is wrong. only God can do the extreme make-over the world needs in hitting the reset button. Jesus came with His forgiveness as the ultimate bailout-but those who insist in their pride on the control of this ship that is tanking will find it cannot be saved–just remade–and His judgments stand at the ready to do just that. how terrible and oh the shame for those who will find out that they have been-really are-fighting God Himself. the plans of the Lord Almighty are right on time. the still many questions we all have remaining-that spring from the revelations that God is showing us in our day-will have their answer soon enough. our focus as believers is to trust and obey our great God knowing He will accomplish His Perfect Word all the while praying-while we are still here-for the lost and dying that there is yet a harvest for salvation. we say it often and we mean it-even so come quickly Lord Jesus…


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