The coming erosion of the European Union

the highwater mark of European unity is also behind us

the EU is going to have real trouble going forward.

significant deepening in political integration and is now in serious trouble.

the Lisbon Treaty sought to give the positions of council president and High Representative for Foreign Affairs greater stature, so that Europe could finally speak with “one voice.” Thus far, that effort has been something of a bust.

It is possible that these challenges will force the EU member-states to eventually adopt even deeper forms of political integration

my belief that the heyday of European political integration is behind us.

Comment by Adamantine:

I have followed the prophetic theory of the Roman Empire being the ten toes of the statue from the book of Daniel for 40 years.

At every step along the way articles have been written by experts as to why Europe was just not going to come together.

Hence I continue to watch with interest because these experts now say we may be reaching a point where deeper integration is necessary not optional for the survival of this European dream of cooperation across the whole of Europe.

Few know the details of European Integration to the degree we do on this site. Recommendation 666 ot the WEU was not only a possible prophetic marker but it was the key decision point for the cooperation of the militaries of Europe and the transfer and maturation of those powers in the EU.

JS and others of course linked the WEU to the EU and to NATO.

What we are seeing currently is this new military machine operate as a function of NATO with NATO leadership. I suspect that the NATO mask will soon come off when the US is diminished economically and the EU is forced to make the final dramatic decision to be one on the world stage. Then the same political connections and machinery will function as it is today in Libya, Afghanistan and Syria but it will be more obviously the EU that runs the show. The WEU is likely to remain the hidden prophetic ghost of the past but those who know of what Herb Peters saw and we understand will know that it is from the core ten that the new final energetic leader of the EU obtains his powers.

We also know there is a past leader of the EU who despite his maturity is not yet willing to retire to the library. If Ron Paul can run for President at 75 then JS is able at 69 or seventy.

I think this is to be the JS year yet but we do have until the end of 2013 to see if our concerns about the seven year ENPI will be borne out.

It is almost getting close enough for us to hold our breath.

Rather than seeing the erosion of the EU we expect to see its launch as a world power in a manner that will eventually astonish the world as they exclaim

Who can make war with the beast?

For forty years it has proven best to bet on the continued growth and development of the EU.



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