By John Muncy on Facebook
My goodness! What is happening with “preachers” in Florida??? I thought we already had a “Goofy” in Florida; we sure don’t need any more! But apparently things aren’t goofy enough in Florida for some Christians! It seems that twice divorced, Christian mega-star “Pastor” Paula White and her Tampa-based Without Walls International mega-church is really livid with the Lakeland satellite ministry of “Bishop” Randy L. Coggins, and IS SUING HIM!!! In the law suit, Without Walls International claims Coggins used his position as executive pastor at Lakeland’s Without Walls Central to lure members of the congregation to his own ministry, Bridge of Hope Church…and “nobody is going to get by with taking my donors”! WOW! I really can’t believe this stuff! This is crazy! It’s shameful, wrong, and flat out ungodly!

So apparently we now see a “Wall” has been built on this “Bridge of Hope”!!!! This is so ridiculous, folks! What a plight to the lovely name of our precious Lord Jesus! God help us! How much more of this insanity will continue?

There has already been enough shame brought from this mega-star, mega-church, mega-cash, mega-hype, mega-manipulative, mega-weird “TV ministry” as a result of the Whites getting a divorce in 2007, and then “Pastor” Paula and the other divorced Christian mega-star “Pastor” Benny Hinn being caught together, not to mention Pastor Randy White’s DUI arrest back in May!! But now this??? How can we expect the world to not think we are a bunch of “fruit-cakes” if this is what they see coming from Christian leadership month after month???

IS THE CHURCH SO “OUT OF TOUCH” THAT WE CAN’T SEE THIS JUNK IS TOTALLY WRONG??? Oh, I know I’ve made some of my friends mad by sharing this. They probably think I’m mean-spirited, judgmental, and full of condemnation…but all I’m doing in trying to warn the sheep about these wolves in sheep clothing!!!!

Have you not read what the Apostle Paul said about this very issue of Christians suing Christians??? Paul said these words to the Corinth church and somebody in Florida needs to read their Bible again, “I speak to your SHAME. Is it so, that there is NOT A WISE MAN among you? no, not one that shall be able to judge between his brethren? But brother goeth to law with brother, and THAT BEFORE THE UNBELIEVERS. Now therefore there is utterly A FAULT AMONG YOU, because ye go to law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? Why do ye not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded? Nay, YE DO WRONG, and defraud, and that your brethren.” (1 Corinthians 6:5-8) WOW! Paul didn’t mix words! He told it straight! And if Paul were alive today, he’d say the same thing about this stupid junk going on in the name of Christianity! Paula needs to read Paul!!!

Good thing I can read my Bible and see that this is NOT want true Christianity is all about! Otherwise I’d doubt whether Christians are any different than everyone else!!

I’M GONNA BE REAL FRANK WITH YOU ALL RIGHT NOW…so bear with me…for Paula White to do this only shows the true heart of this “Christian TV mega-star”! It’s all about numbers and who “owns” who! THESE “PASTORS” ARE NOT TRYING TO SHEPHERD THE FLOCK, THEY ARE TRYING TO FLEECE THE FLOCK! The attitude is “don’t you go taking my supporters”! But, they don’t really care about the flock; all they care about is the cash flow! This is why they can act and live the way they do, without regard of the affects their actions bring to others! This smells like a spirit of greed and covetousness to me folks!

A real minister of the Gospel is concerned about the cause of Christ and His Kingdom spreading throughout the whole world, not building some little empire that allows you to stand on a well lighted stage and get applause from your followers! It’s not your kingdom, it’s about HIS KINGDOM!!

But I’m telling you this one fact folks; THIS WHOLE MESS IS COMING DOWN!!! All of it!!! God is going through a “cleansing the Temple” time, and when He gets done, there is going to be some people paying attention! And your church isn’t exempt! It is happening everywhere! From the adults, down to the youth! God is not playing church…this is the real deal! Get it right, or else, He is going to move in and make it right Himself!

This is a warning to flaky Christianity: Your Days Are Numbered!!!! The days of a Christ-Centered Christianity are breaking free from this stupid Me-Centered Spiritual Prostitution System, which sells out for the cash! Be assured, God still has a faithful Bride who shuns the appearance of evil and loyally serves the LORD JESUS! Don’t be discouraged over this…it’s the Lord showing up with His whip to clean house!!!!

I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL THE DAY WE GET BACK TO A JESUS LOVING, BIBLE LOVING, TRUTH LOVING, PURITY LOVING, LOST SOUL LOVING CHRISTIANITY! Please Lord, don’t stop! Cleanse my heart and make it solely focused on YOU!!!!! Make us, your followers, like purified gold; clean from all the dross and junk that come to the surface…TURN UP THE HEAT LORD!!! We American Christians need it badly!!!!

Comment by Wickus:

I am so glad that there are real Christians on Facebook. Just had to post this gem. 8)



  1. i really hate i was lead here,i really hate i saw this,my heart is broken,we must pray because i already had a word of it all and didnt want to say,but the LORD says it will happen at their gatherings,HE will smite them in front of all,my heart is broken for this one has told the LORD it seems to go to hell over and over,and now HE is saying HE shall smite her and her people that see not.we must pray!!!!!.


  2. This renders a need for accountability… NOT SECRECY. Those that operate in a manner contrary to Jesus,( who never had a TV ministry, owned properties or a non-profit business, nor had a board,) should be exposed and rendered a fraud. The only form of BIblical administration I see in the Bible is Apostolic Authority. Boards were parliamentary in nature to hold the organization in accountibility under the assumption that all men are evil and require accountability. Truth to this is… yes, we all need accountability. We are accountable, ultimately under GOD, but if Bishop Randy signed a NON COMPETATIVE clause agreement under Paula White … does he then say, “God’s Authority rules over the paper signed with Paula White?” Or… if the Without Walls organization has embarrassed itself so much as to defame the credibility of its participants, then would that not evaporate the aggreement? Good questions.

    I like accountability, but I will only be accountability to proper authority, not carnal spirited business people operating contrary to the Spirit of Christ. Being accountable helps us walk in the light, where private authority can hide secrets of additions, corrupt business dealings, and misappropriation of funds. Any “non-profit organization” should remember their title and abandon the thoughts of planes, helicopters, mansions and tax shelters… and do what Jesus did…. die to self and serve the needy.

    My heart hurts with stuff like this…

    I challenge anyone to look behind the curtain, the website and the backgrounds of leaders in these independant works and ask yourself, “Lord, where would you have me be.” Then be there and support it with your prayers, your attendance and your finances.

    May the Lord help us all… and come back soon.


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