U.N. mission to travel to Syria

(CNN) — A humanitarian mission from the United Nations will travel this weekend to Syria to look for effects of President Bashar al-Assad’s protest crackdown, a U.N. official said Thursday shortly after the release of a damning report.

“We have been guaranteed that we will have full access to anywhere we would wish to go,”

Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos told reporters after delivering to the Security Council the report. “We will want to concentrate on those places where there have been reports of fighting so that we can see for ourselves exactly what is going on.”

Commentby Adamantine:

The UN/NATO/EU/US are all working together as if they rule the world.

Did anyone see a vote a in your country for this type of action from the US? EU? NATO? UN?

nope this is the new world order. I bet JS has had an opportunity to give his opinion.


3 thoughts on “U.N. mission to travel to Syria

  1. Yeah, they were saying that Syria would not even allow the press in there. Now they are letting these people waltz in. Does not make any sense to me.


  2. it’s a global world alright and the taskmasters are really kickin’ into gear. our sworn enemies (and of course israel’s too) are thus far getting a pass. (iran with nukes? not on their watch they said-the fox is in the hen house and for quite a while now)…soon a leader will emerge if i am truly hearing from the Lord what i think i’m hearing……….this prez just rolls over and goes on vacation. he has “vacated” the office to make way for that new order to transition the good ole us of a into their big scheme. goin’ by the Book i do believe.


  3. I also see this type of scenario evolving.

    Anything specific that you are hearing from the Lord Andre’. Feel free to share if it is important.



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