The Deadly Earthquake That Will Devastate North America

Excuse Me, but Catastrophe Looms

When you know a natural disaster is coming, is it rude, or good manners, to tell people to get ready?

By Jerry Thompson, Today,

Cascadia earthquake

Previous Cascadia mega-quake was 9.0 in magnitude. Why let ‘disaster fatigue’ keep us from saving ourselves?

After months of hand-wringing, I am authorized to report that North America has moved beyond the pall of doom and gloom to a more pleasant oblivion. The earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters in Japan are all behind us now. No need to fret any further about the ugliness of natural disasters.

In the aftermath of this megathrust nightmare, we progressed briskly from a “teachable moment” through “disaster fatigue” to more important matters, like the royal wedding and who might replace Charlie Sheen as TV’s highest paid actor. What a relief to forget plate tectonics again.

In my recent (and thankfully transient) role as Harbinger of Doom, I had the unhappy task of warning people that a tectonic event just like the one in Japan (and in Sumatra before that) will — beyond any reasonable scientific doubt — hit the West Coast of North America. Same mega-quake. Same mega-tsunami. For the gory details, just Google the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

My book Cascadia’s Fault — The Deadly Earthquake That Will Devastate North America was published this spring, with the intention to wake people up in time to be safer and more resilient when the Big One hits. But other than a few respectful book reviews, the reaction has been weirdly muted, as if people would rather not be bothered with an opportunity to save lives, even, very possibly, their own.

At first glance Cascadia’s threat might seem like a “regional” concern — which is code for saying “it’s just those wacky West Coasters getting all hyperbolic on us again.” But actually, it’s not. Imagine five major cities — Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Portland and Sacramento, with dozens of smaller towns and villages in between — slammed all at once by the same earthquake. With tsunami wave damage across the entire Pacific Rim — from Hawaii and Alaska to Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Disaster on a scale so overwhelming that nothing in our history can serve as a reference point.

Five Hurricane Katrinas? Bummer!

One scientist from NOAA says Cascadia’s big quake — when it finally comes — will be like five Hurricane Katrinas on the same day. Unlike the San Andreas, Cascadia’s fault can and does rupture along its entire length in a magnitude 9 megathrust.

For a more familiar sense of scale, simply cut and paste the subduction zone to somebody else’s backyard. I did it with a strip of paper held against a globe. I put a pencil mark mid-way up Vancouver Island and another at Cape Mendocino, California, creating a paper proxy for Cascadia’s fault. Then I shifted it to eastern Canada.

If Cascadia’s fault started at Windsor, it would tear past Niagara Falls through Toronto andMontreal, most of the way to Quebec City. Shockwaves from this hypothetical fault — if it began in New York — would rip through Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and Richmond to about Charleston, South Carolina. If that’s how one defines a “regional issue,” then so be it.

Cascadia’s fault does not appear anywhere near the top of anyone’s official list of things to plan for. Congressional committees in Washington have dithered over hurricanes, Mississippi floods, even the potential New Madrid earthquake — which would be at least an order of magnitude smaller, with no tsunami attached. But thus far, not a moment of high-profile concern about Cascadia. Same apparent lack of interest in Ottawa as well. I’m sure there must be good reasons for this.

Even though Cascadia’s magnitude 9 will have a far larger footprint of damage than any of the famous San Andreas disasters, even though the seismic impacts will be worse than five Katrinas — why get worked-up about something that may not happen on our watch? There’s a 10 per cent chance this quake will happen in the next 50 years. Perhaps we’ll be lucky.

Get real, and prepare

When friends ask what it’s like being the bearer of so much dismal news, I say: “Honestly? I hate it. I just wish it would all go away.” Do you remember when Cher slapped Nicholas Cage in “Moonstruck” and told him to “Snap out of it!”? That’s what we should do about Cascadia’s fault. Snap right out of this depressing darkness and live in the moment. Whatever happens, happens. Right?

Perhaps Hollywood should make a movie of it. That would be a lot more fun. Think of how cool it would be to see five modern cities knee-deep in bricks and broken glass. Tall buildings and bridges collapsing, dams bursting. The special effects would be spectacular, especially when the tsunami starts washing away coastal towns from Canada to California.

The voyeuristic adrenalin rush of disaster flicks like Twister, Volcanoand Deep Impact never goes away. We watch endless re-runs on television. We love seeing horrible things happen on the big screen — whether it’s global warming (The Day After Tomorrow) or alien invasions (District 9, Battle Los Angeles or Super 8) or the end of the world (2012) — and yet almost nobody wants to wrestle with the real thing. I totally get that. Way too depressing.

But here’s the thing. It’s not all doom and gloom. When Cascadia’s fault does finally rip, we’re not all gonna die. Far from it. The overwhelming majority of us will live through it. Just as they did in Japan. Though more than 22,000 died, millions more in that devastated region survived. The essential question is how well we endure the aftermath — and that depends entirely on how much we do now to prepare for the inevitable.

Comment by Adamantine:

Will God warn His people in a manner substantial enough for action? Does God answer prayer about these things?

I find nothing worse than for Christians to falsely claim they have a word of knowledge for something if they in actuality worked it up from there own experience and subconsciousness.I am concerned about 11/11/11 but am concerned it is not correct and it seems to be just too cute a number.

Nevertheless I hope God will bless someone with the ability to hear from God in warning if such is on the way.

Is this near?

9 thoughts on “The Deadly Earthquake That Will Devastate North America

  1. “Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you unexpectedly like a trap. Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21

    “You also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” Luke 12


  2. In case anyone is interested, I’m providing a link to a site I stumbled upon a few months ago. It’s a really cool site (run by a Christian, Alvin Conway) but it is sort of not a “traditional” Christian site. Alvin, posts global event stories and covers a huge range of topics. if you go to the site you will see a ton of info on earth-changes; weather events, volcanos, earthquakes among some of the topics covered. He will also post on geopolitical happenings. He created the site to make people aware of how God is using a vast number of events to bring this Age of Grace to a close, and he wrote a book about some of those things which I have purchased and can’t get enough of!

    Anyway, check the site out when you get a chance. I’m still not sure how I stumbled on this site. I don’t think it was a link I saw on this site, but if it was then please forgive me if you all already know of it.


  3. Adamantine you said ” I am concerned about 11/11/11 but am concerned it is not correct and it seems to be just too cute a number.”

    Cute…very cute but……


    I know this sounds silly…..but last year I took a cell phone pic of the only credit card I have ( I hate them with a godly hatred) but needed this to ” prove” – eeerr my status? anyways……the expiry date is 11/11/11 and have been wanting to zap that pic over to Vic on his cell for a very long time now….now may be the time ? 🙂

    Silliness I know……….:)


  4. Comment by Adamantine:
    I am unsure that God desires to use me in any prophetic capacity.. However In 2008 I specifically prayed that God would show me the date of the California earthquake and within 2 weeks for the first time in my life I was contacted by someone (in this case a friend claiming they were being directed to November ,11,2008 as the timing of the California earthquake) I also had never had any conversations with anyone in my entire life about the date of “THE” California earthquake. I had never had such a discussion with this friend or anyone else. The uniqueness of being alerted to 11,11,2008 after a distinctive time of intense prayer left me concerned that I had been given “THE ” proper date. As a matter of fact I discussed this all rather cryptically on FP in 2008 as you may recall. I had asked God for such information in order to establish some credibility before the local church. ( It seems rather immature in retrospect) ( Then again walking in faith almost always does appear immature)
    In order to maintain my honesty before God I did notify a local church of my concern..only to be proven wrong. I continue to ponder the event both because of the embarrassment of being wrong and because ….
    Twice before in my life it has appeared that God may have used a preliminary event of partial fulfillment to alert me to a later more important event and date. Hence I have pondered the importance of 11/11/11.
    11/11/08 may have been there to alert me …even as Gold at 666.30 on July 14, 2006 alerted me to look to gold at 666.00 on July 14, 2007. I had approached July 14, 2007 beforehand expecting to see Gold at 666.00 and it did close as such.
    These things seem so bizarre that I discuss it with hesitation. I do not claim to be a prophet but do claim I am a believer in a God who answers prayer. I have had a couple of times in my life where God may have done so in a manner to be prophetic.
    In this case I have only a very tiny bit of prophetic credibility before anyone (if at all) based possibly on the gold at 666.00 in July 2007. Writing here I suspect I have reached the only audience that matters if my odd observations are later shown to be correct. I suggest that if this is to be the case God will confirm or deny this to anyone reading this who then takes the matter to God honestly and in faith in prayer. We are all individually responsible before God to seek His Face on any topic. The most I can or would do is ask anyone for whom this may resonate to pray on their own and seek God.
    Hence I am peaking my head just above the horizon in a possible prophetic insight full aware that it is likely to be wrong. If the unlikely happens and this is correct I will have to cross that bridge with even greater care.


  5. Alvin is Great Jake, very informative 🙂

    Also for those who worry about ” The Big One ” Here in my humble opinion here is the Harbinger of the Big One… I don’t know if i agree with Brother Mark on his timing but i do believe this will begin to happen this fall. The Day of the Lord is at hand… It is a well written assessment of the things that are about to come upon the Earth.

    With the Changes in Beast System (Europe as Head of the NWO) and the total collapse of societies around the world, we are in the midst of sorrows.

    The World will call for an Earthly Savior, We will call to Jesus… May his coming be swift…


  6. Really? I land on your site for the 1st time TODAY, the day you wrote this? I live in a quaint coastal town in Oregon and my husband & I have been preparing best we can. He has tried his best to help our community…we actually have a container arriving today that will be stored at our church for such an event. Even with what we have done, I feel woefully inadequate and unprepared. I’m very concerned about this Sept…and you know why. Any words for us? We are listening! Thank you for your warnings.


  7. Mrs. Justasheep here–I just had to comment that I really hope that nothing happens on 11/11/11. I’m selfish, you see! It’s my 11th wedding anniversary with Justasheep!


  8. Comment by Adamantine:
    Nothing is likely to happen. God has not confirmed to me that I am to speak to anyone prophetically. It is rather my supposition that if God were to decide that is a task for anyone then God would need to prove Himself first to that individual and then to some listening community. It would be a process. My guess is that Joseph of the old testament would have had to see his correct interpretation of some dreams for himself before he would venture to speak to the baker and cup bearer in prison. God has possibly led me to think I have had a few personal prophetic moments. This one (earthquake) would be larger and for a greater event which I ,of course, hope does not occur. I have placed it here because if it is proven true I think God might speak beforehand to others who will take appropriate action. If it speaks nothing to others that is fine. If it proves true I am not sure what else God would mean by that for me or others. In any case I am the first to express my doubts now about the event actually happening. I felt far more sure in 2008 when the first date was viewed as potential. my explanation for the delay is the vote in 2008 the week before to not approve homosexual marriage in California. God MIGHT have given a reprieve. Odds are best that nothing is going to happen and this little discussion will be but mist in the wind. Others are always recommended to prepare as even science shows some concern. I have ventured this discussion so that if there is a process I am willing to take part. Pharaoh would also only have listened to Joseph because of the dream fulfillment of his servant the cup bearer. It is a process.


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