Retirement positions of JS

Comment by Adamantine:
To this list one must add the
28) Co presidency of the Security and Defense Agenda. (SDA)
also adding

10)  European Security and Defense College honorary fellowships to Javier Solana and to Karl von Wogau, 7 September 2010

This list is no longer up to date. It is tedious simply keeping up with the positions and honors accorded.
It is one of the strongest reasons for still watching his career even though he is retired.

New Positions after retirement:
1) President for center for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre) Geneva Switzerland. 2010
2) Chairman of the Commission for the Future of Spanish Security. 2010
3) President of the Aspen Institute, Madrid Spain 2010
4) President of the Uria Foundation 2010
5) President of the Barcelona Center of International Affairs 2010
6) President of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics 2010
7) Acciona Corporation Adviser for International Affairs 2010
8. ) Council Member of the Global Health Institute 2010
9) Distinguished Senior Member of the Brooking Institute 2010
10) Professor of Economics London School of Economics 2010
11) Member of the Spanish Group of the Trilateral Commission 2010
12) Board member of the Le Craixa Foundation 2010
13) Member of the EU Future of Europe Panel 2010
14) Member of the Senior Panel on the future of NATO 2010
15) Council of Europe European Eminent Persons Council to report of religious and ethnic tolerance in Europe 2010
16) Bilderberger Club 2010
17) Vice President of the Global Commission on Drug Policy 2010
18) Patron member of the Royal Board of the Museo National del Prado 2010
19) Professor of Economics Georgetown University 2010
20) Founding Signatory Global One for Global Nuclear Disarmament 2008
21) Founding Signatory Global call to end to Female Genital mutilation (circumcision) November 16, 2010
22)  Joined call for Global TUNA Safe Fishing 2010
23)  Joined as Board member of the Yalta European Strategy September 2, 2010
24)  President of Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation  2010
25)  Member Club of Rome, attended meetings
26) Member of the International Crisis Group
27) Member International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)
28) Co president of the SDA ( Security and Defense Agenda)
29) Board Member of the European Council on Foreign Relations
30) Board Member of Human Rights Watch
31) Member Global Leadership Foundation
Awards for just 2010:
1) Manuel Broseta Coexistence Prize 2010
2) Charles the V Award European Academy of Yuste 2010
3) Pilates Foundation Award in Politics 2010
4) Order of the Golden Fleece Spain 2010
5) Order of the Golden Fleece Georgia 2010
6) International Press Club Award, Building a Better Europe 2010
7) Evald Von Kleist European Security Award Munich Security Conference 2010
8.) Prince Henry the Navigator Award Portugal 2010
9) Grand Cross of the Order of Christ Portugal 2010
10)  European Security and Defense College honorary fellowships to Javier Solana and to Karl von Wogau, 7 September 2010
Presentations in 2010:
1) ” Think Globally and Act Globally” Title Executive Global Masters Course May 2010
2) “ Global Out look on New Challenges” Title Esade Annual Alumni Conference April 2010
3) ” The EU as a Global Actor” Title Wroclau Global Forum October 2010
4) ” New Global Order and Its Key Players” Title Yalta 7th Annual Meeting October 2010
5) ” Global Business Challenges” Title Gresol Foundation September 2010
6) ” Spanish Security Strategy,(ESS), Economics, Energy, Industrial and Cybersecurity,” Title, Elcano Royal institute June 28, 2010
7) Introduction of  Michail Gorbachev at 6th International Conference of the Sustainable City October 5,6,7, 2010
8.) “Security and World Politics” ,Barcelona Center for international Affairs July 10,2010
In closing the seminar, ( the speaker in question ) made a public acknowledgment to the work done in recent years by the Spanish army that has adapted quickly and effectively to new international duties. He noted that in today’s world is a need for rapid deployment capabilities and, in this sense, Spain can make to the international community the value added by the Civil Guard, a militarized police force with similarities to the Italian Carabinieri and French Gendarmerie. It was stressed that nothing is gained by killing without being able to do otherwise. But, yes, not everything is soft, there must be something hard.
Conferences and Consultations in 2010:
1) Attended ASEAN (ARF) Asian regional Forum 2010
2) Attended Global Leadership Forum Nov, 5,6,7,  2010 Amman, Jordan
3) Attended United Nations Secretary General retreat Alpbatch September 5,6, 2010
Future of UN and Global Governance
4) Attended US State Department Conference Discussion on Middle East Peace Negations Upcoming August 2010, New York State
5) Member and Conferee of Socialist Parties of Europe Meeting on the Future of Peace in the Middle East . London , England November 2010
6) Conferee and Attendance at 9th Annual Conference of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) October 2010
7 Attendance and Award ceremony of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Council October 7,2010
8.) Attendee and Award recipient at the Munich Conference on Security Policy Feb 5, 2010
9) Visited Ukraine traveling with Strobe Talbot at the invitation of the Victor Pinchuk Organization March 30, 2010
11) Traveled with Spanish Presidency of the EU  and Spanish Foreign Minister Moratinos to Middle East in discussion of Middle East Process 2010
Autobiographical Book Published in September 2010
“Humanity Threatened “
Authors Daniel Innerarity and Javier Solana

A Security Strategy for the 21st Century 2010-06-15

The Cracks in the G-20 2010-09-08

A Window of Opportunity for European Defense 2010-12-13

Peace Now for Palestine 2011-03-14

The Mediterranean Reborn 2011-05-17

Reset Turkey/EU Relations 2011-06-13

The New Grammar of Power  2011-08-01


5 thoughts on “Retirement positions of JS

  1. “Goeie genade, het die man nie einde nie!”
    My gosh, is there no end to this man!

    Were does he get time for all of this? And then he still sends out 20+ Tweets daily. Is there another man who holds 28 positions (maybe more) and still cope with daily life?



  2. i think solana’s “energy” comes from below. perhaps a short while from now he will manifest hell’s very persona…………………………….


  3. Setting the stage for the 3 horns to be uprooted:
    Merkel, Sarkozy propose eurozone government

    My guess is that much of the rest of EU will not want to be told how to run their fiscal house by France and Germany – and they will be 2 of the 3 uprooted – in favor of stronger central Brussels based authority that is not as influenced by the large states.


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