Israel on the brink of war?

Wickus here:

I’ve found the following on the rapture forum board. I am posting for what its worth, as it seems like the message is coming from someone with inside information.

! Israel on the brink of war!

I received the following message from Dr. Mike Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer Team today, under the above title. Dr. Evans is a personal friend of Prime Minister Netanyahu and a former adviser.

For the past few weeks, I have been hearing from high-level sources in Jerusalem that the nation of Israel is preparing for war. The belief is that once the UN vote takes place on a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital city, war will break out. Israel is preparing to be attacked by its neighbors—not only the Palestinian terrorists of Hamas and Fatah, but Hezbollah, armed and funded by Syria and Lebanon, and perhaps even troops from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran as well.

The enemies of Israel are encouraged by the lack of support from America and the Obama Administration for the Jewish state, and they believe this is their moment to accomplish their long-held goal to destroy Israel. I was in the Holy Land during the last outbreak of war. I held weeping survivors in my arms and comforted them and prayed with young soldiers before they went into battle. I was there as your ambassador to help the Jewish people in their time of great need. I know firsthand what an awful tragedy a new round of war will bring.

My sources indicate that public support expressed by the Arab League for UN recognition of Palestine poses a grave risk because of the leverage of the oil nations over Europe. Europe imports most of its oil, and in addition, the vast oil wealth of the Arab Gulf states is coveted by the European Union to help them survive their current financial crisis. The threat Israel faces is not just a meaningless UN vote; it is a life and death struggle for survival…and Israel’s enemies are focused and fully committed to their evil plan.

Understand this clearly—every nation and individual that supports the United Nations and Obama Administration plan to curse Israel and steal from her the land God promised the Jews as an eternal possession will suffer His chastisement and judgment. Every nation and individual that opposes this plan and stands with Israel as a blessing to her will enjoy His blessing.

America is on a prophetic countdown to the gravest days in our history. In a few weeks, a vote will be taken at the United Nations that will force America to choose between standing with Israel and standing with her enemies. Israeli leaders have asked the Jerusalem Prayer Team for its support at the United Nations and a week later as the nations of the world gather for the demonic Durban III conference to continue accusing Zionists of being racists. The first Durban Conference occurred in 2001. At that conference, the Palestinians distributed copies of the anti-Semitic The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to all delegates. It was the most evil, anti-Semitic UN assembly ever against Israel.

The conference ended on September 8, 2001…and 72 hours later, the US was attacked by Radical Islam. I can assure you that in the spirit realm, this was no coincidence. God’s Word promises a curse on any nation that touches Jerusalem. Once before, an American President attempted to divide Jerusalem and surrender the Temple Mount to radical Islam. That president was Bill Clinton. Now President Obama plans to do the same—this time by formally recognizing a Palestine State at the UN in September within days of the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

I do not believe for a second that all the economic and political turmoil America is going through is coincidental. America needs Divine intervention that can only come from God’s people standing in the gap like Esther.

Comment by Wickus:

God’s prophetic Word will be fulfilled. He said that Israel will be divided and Jerusalem surrounded by armies. The question is: Is it against God’s will and Word to pray against it? If this is the time, it will happen and Israel will be divided. No amount of prayers will stop this from happening. I feel so sorry for Israel and my heart aches just to think about what will be happening to them when the war hits them. God knows I stand for Israel, but I just feel that the time for praying is over.

Am I wrong?


17 thoughts on “Israel on the brink of war?

  1. this is so much a big question on my heart. my thought is pray for the best but in the light of scripture expect the worst-knowing that in the face of great evil planned God will receive Glory and His people israel have yet-in His Timing and Plan for a Future and a Hope-israel will finally have Peace for Jesus will become their Savior and their Peace. in Wrath God says He will remember Mercy. it is a double-edged sword (this whole scenario) and we have the assurance that every Word of the Lord will be fulfilled just as we know to keep believing. these are perplexing days but with God’s Word reminding us of the surety of our trust placed in Him-for israel’s future and ours.


  2. I think our only prayer should be for God’s will to be done. We know he has a plan for the end time and it will be fulfilled exactly as he has planned. Our hope is in Christ and to be strong during what lies ahead and to continue to pray for the lost and ones that don’t have a clue as to what is going to happen. They may have heard and been told but bury their heads because they are enjoying life as it plays out so far.


  3. I HATE it that you are right. We have so many Messianic friends in Israel, as well as Jewish friends in the US and Israel who do not YET know their Messiah. We have worshipped in a Messianic Congregation for years – but NOW, imho, it is time to pray fervently for the salvation of those in Israel and around the world [both Jew, Gentile and Muslim] who do not know the the truth. Dark days are ahead for the Middle East and for those [aka usa] who stand against Israel.

    Pray for seeds to be planted, for seeds that have been planted to be watered and that as promised, our L-RD will bring the increase. Pray that we as His remnant will grow stronger in our faith and knowledge of His Word and not be swayed by every wind of doctrine nor be deceived by the great deceiver.

    I weep for Israel and again hate it that you are right. 😦


  4. ….meanwhile, wormwood[elenin] approaches,…the destroyer! it’s all too Big for me. TRUST JESUS CHRIST and STICK TO HIM,amen. love to all in Christ, blessings…..and meanwhile the woman clothed in the sun, etc., along w/ the dragon are fixin’ to make their appearance in the heavens just as John describes in Rev. 12!!! wow,…..the Conqueror is on HIS way,…LOOK UP!, your redemption draws nigh. ADAMANTINE n WICKIS, i LOVE you two people and i want you to know it!, Thanks for this web site, and for bearing w/ me in my condition, amen.


  5. God bless you and we love you Tony. Your zeal is contagious.

    This Elenin comet is also in the back of my head. I just wish we can get some real proof that it is not a big hoax. If you ever stumble upon any kind of proof, please post it here. In the meantime time is ticking away and we will know by the end of next month if it was a hoax.



  6. Thanks Wickis, we will just have to wait and see. Boy this stuff does a number on my head! i get carried away as i’m snoopin’ round. i get hot on this trail, trackin’ and a tracin’, and then hot on the next trail, doin’ the same. geeze, i’m a lot like my pup sam. heck i’m realizing that when it comes to academics, i am just a pup. Actually its kinda cool, so long as you don’t drive people crazy!!! wish me luck, or should i say wish my contacts luck. Back in the day, i used to want to be a psychologist,…now i realize that i need to SEE one, not be one.Shucks! all i do is sit around and think about Elenin being Wormwood, like some sort of space cadet/// i’ll probably change my poster name to astro-boy eventually. i do know the formula for balance tho,…its head in the clouds-feet on the ground. i’m going to say that to myself 1000 times./ // / also, thanks Scott for the nasa link, even though it bums me out.// like Adamantine pointed out, pastor F.M. Rileys post wasn’t even full of documentation,… i hate when that happens.,….still i persist in wondering,…i guess we all do. I like bob dylan , in the song,”Visions of Johanna”, off the blonde on blonde album,… when he hollars out, “my conscience explodes”!,…or the moody blues, when they say during the minstrels song,” everywhere LOVE is all around”! But that ain’t the way it is on this here planet,…we’re walkin on the ground waitin’ for the guns to quit,..and waitin’ for the pieces to fit. Thats why we’re hung up on Jesus and His return. i went full circle./////// Remember Harry Chapin, All the Worlds a circle? How about sweet baby James, on the JT album, singin’ the secret of life song, sayin’,…try not to try too hard, its such a lovely ride!!!Bless you all, and good-nite. Thanks again Wickis, you are a wonderful person,no doubt. i liked how you handled the Hal Lindsay, 10 weu issue,….skillfully.


  7. Tony I love you man!!!seriously ,,,,,,you make me laugh like a kid, cry like a baby and praise the One we all love and adore more that our own lives! You sharing your heart – precious and priceless!

    Please read Psalms 15…a gift for you from Abba 🙂

    Oh and if you really want to bless Wickus- call him – boetie! lol


  8. to His Own,…don’t cry, geeze i didn’t wanna make anyone cry/// me, i laugh just to keep from cryin’,…Praise God! i’m fixin'[as shelby wood say] to read psalm15, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, i can’t wait! i like Shelby, like Krazie, not to mention you, His Own,…thanks for the support—this stuff is Heavy, and most folks i know think i’ve gone too far. i like bow-ties, but i look fairly silly in them, wait,..does Wickis wear boe-ties ever where he goes or what? Heck, He probably looks good in for me, puttin’ a boe-tie on me’s like puttin’ an elevator in an outhouse—it don’t belong.///!…i meant to say, like CRAZY Shelby!!!!!!!thank you for the strenghtening link,WORTHY BRIEF! i’m off to psalm 15, will report back later, much love, tony, to you ALL, including my man, short-tribber/ Rick,what a great guy, my brother in the Lord, who digs so deep into the riches of God’s Glory!


  9. Hi Tony

    No, I am not boe-tie guy. More of a short and t-shirt type. I don’t even owe a tie. 🙂

    Hey, were is short-tribber? I always loved his comments on FP before I got banned there. Tell him to pop in here.


  10. Oh my that my day Wickus!

    Tony actually “Boetie” is Afrikaas for Brother- It’s Afrikaans 🙂

    You were banned Vic? no way!! Ek is die volgende ek dink!!


  11. thats righht, the adults here are each responsible for their OWN tongue, as adamantine has said.

    bowtie boetie (: wickus is too nice to be banned. whats wrong with them folk?


  12. wow, psalm 15 is really something serious to live up to. thanks for the lead and your kind words His Own. i think i’m going to look at the psalms more often,..i feel drawn…thanks be to God. , and Wickis, bless you boetie!! i learned a new word here and a good one my brother. We sure need brotherhood amongst ourselves and psalm 15 reflects a comitted conscious choice to walk a respectful care-full walk as we step forth daily through this life. today will stand out to me forever, in a mighty good way, reminding me that Every act counts


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