Hal Lindsey falsely announces the fulfillment of Daniel 2 ?

Wickus here:

I got angry while reading this. “How arrogant”, I thought. But then I realized this was written by someone who believes in the Islam AC theory, someone who believes that the Mahdi and the antichrist is the same person. This is someone who studies false prophecies in the Koran and try to let it line up with the Bible.

Well Mr Richardson, while you are formulating theories about a Mahdi AC and hope for a 10 nation Muslim alliance, we have followed the rise of the WEU, we have seen a little horn rising within them and given powers and a seat via Recommendation 666 and Article 666. We have seen the little horn remain hidden by retiring until he gets power to continue. And we have seen the 10 kings given their power over to the beast system, but is still known as THE TEN. And we are glad that Hal Lindsey is eventually speaking about this.

Article by Joel Richardson

This past week, well-known prophecy teacher Hal Lindsey pointed to a recent development within the European Union, claiming it to be a significant fulfillment of Bible Prophecy. Specifically, Lindsey highlighted the Western European Union (WEU), a group of ten nations including Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Greece, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. Lindsey claimed was that this group has suddenly been invested with new “critical powers” and that this group is in fact the ten nation coalition of the Antichrist as described in Daniel 2. Following are Lindsey’s comments as they appear on his web site:

“… the European Union, though currently gripped in the throes of economic upheaval, is still moving forward to solidify its role in the final days of this Age. In fact, on July 1, 2011, a major milestone was quietly passed in the evolution of that body. Remember Daniel’s interpretation of King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of an image constructed of various metals? Remember his description of the final kingdom consisting of “ten kings?” Remember hearing that this could not be the EU because it has 27 members? Well, on July 1, the EU formally invested certain critical powers always reserved to the core group known as the “Western European Union,” in a new ‘Permanent Council.’ By its own choice and in its own official documents, that group is hereinafter to be known as “The Ten.”

Eerily familiar, isn’t it?”

What you have just read is both dangerous and highly irresponsible. First Lindsey mentioned the ten nation coalition known as the WEU, then he claimed this group has just been invested with new “critical powers”, then he connected this development to a passage from the prophet Daniel that speaks of the final ten nation alliance of the Antichrist. The clear inference is that “this is that”.

But are events in Western Europe truly as significant as Lindsey is leading his listeners to believe? Is the WEU in fact the final Antichrist alliance as predicted in the Bible? A simple examination of the facts show precisely the opposite.

Lindsey’s report is highly misleading. When one actually looks up what these new “critical powers” are, they are little more than the provisions to oversee the “residual” responsibilities of their own permanent dissolution, not some form of exaltation of their collective status. That’s right, on June 30, the WEU was officially declared defunct. Instead of having emerged as the prophesied ten nation coalition of the Antichrist, the reality is that these ten nations have dissolved their longstanding union.

You can read the official statement concerning the cessation of the WEU here.

Friends, if Hal took seriously his authority and status as a teacher to whom others look to, this would no doubt be quite embarrassing, necessitating a public retraction or apology. Hyped-up or misleading claims such as this only serve to invalidate the field of Biblical prophecy. If we learned anything from the failed predictions of Harold Camping, it is that tragedy can in fact follow false prophecies. Both lives and people’s faith can end up shipwrecked. A simple perusal of various prophecy blogs and message boards will reveal that many Christians right now are taking Hal’s report very seriously.

Is Biblical prophecy being fulfilled all around us? Absolutely. But what Lindsey has claimed is completely false.

Now, please do not misunderstand this to be a personal attack on Hal Lindsey. Hal is a man whom the Lord has used to awaken many people. Yes, he has committed a serious error, but in his defense let me say a few things. Several years ago on the Hal Lindsey Report, Hal extensively and directly quoted my words as they appear in my book, Islamic Antichrist, never citing me as his source. In legal terms this is called plagiarism. I wasn’t upset however that Lindsey plagiarized me. I was actually happy that he was citing my work. Since that time, I have become good friends with the man who wrote several of Hal’s books after The Late Great Planet Earth. When I mentioned to my friend what happened, I was told that Hal doesn’t do most of his own primary research anymore. He has a team that does this for him. So in all likelihood, this was actually a mistake on the part of Hal’s researchers. The problem is that most of Hal’s listeners don’t know this. They take his words very seriously. The fact of the matter is that Lindsey must retract and clarify his comments.

In conclusion, let’s continue to work toward proclaiming the gospel to all the world. Let us accurately and responsibly expound the relevant portions of the Bible as they reveal what is happening in the earth today. And in all of these things, let us do so with sobriety, humility and integrity.

ADDENDUM BY Adamantine:

Double click  on article to enlarge to read.

I think Hal Lindsey has a right to give his opinion but it is an odd time to choose now that one might argue the WEU or “the ten” is truly insignificant. I think we will never know exactly why he has chosen now to give this opinion. His article most recently is a bit deceptive in that anyone who knows the details understands that the ten is now a bookkeeping organization. I doubt that there is any “legal loophole” that would allow anyone to give rise to the ten from this residual organization.


14 thoughts on “Hal Lindsey falsely announces the fulfillment of Daniel 2 ?

  1. Wow – Hal must have some pretty poor researchers if they just noticed the WEU now. To Joel- it’s disappointing that he would take Hal to task like that, I can think of much kinder ways he could have handled that without needing to point to Hal’s alleged prior plagiarism. It almost seems like Joel is building himself up while tearing down Hal – which never ends well.


  2. Yes, agreed. And for the life of me I can not understand why Joel is promoting studying Islamic Eschatology. Why do we need to study satanism?? Why must we care what lies satan told Mohammad years ago about the mahdi? It has got NOTHING to do with Bible Prophecy. Just look at all the links on his site: http://www.joelstrumpet.com/

    You can not mix your theology Joel!



  3. Well one thing for sure, i have never read the Koran for my study of prophecy nor do I listen to the Mayans, either. We have the sure word of prophecy in our bibles. So this antichrist islamic takeover caliphate thing has never set well with me anyways. Now do I know for sure I am correct, of course not. But I will not put trust in anything other than our bibles.

    There were a lot of people promoting this person and I never, ever took it to heart myself. Again give me my bible and the current news and the things that have happened and look like they are coming on the scene.

    But like I always say, I am watching and praying.


  4. Great find on Joel Richardsons article Wickus. And Adamantine, your addendum on Hal Lindsey’s report – which was written in 2005 gives flavor to the spiritual eschatological food that we followers are being fed.

    I find it truly amazing that both of these men – who apparently know about the concepts of the WEU, and it’s potential fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, yet they both leave out additional evidence that makes this whole theory very crucial to understanding. Oh yeah, I’m very sure that they do their homework, so therefore they are without excuse.

    Is it about God…..or is it about them?

    Both of these guys who can truly spread unbiased information to the public, choose to ignore most of the facts; all in the name of pride, arrogance, and MONEY. I ask the question, are there any Real Teachers, Preachers, or men of God who can Spiritually discern the Word of God out there?

    As we discover more, and more evidence the picture is becoming clear that the EU is the Revived Roman Empire – and the WEU are the 10 Kings who have given their power and authority to the Beast. The Beast being the EU. Now what remains is the coming Antichrist to unite this Beast Empire, as it appears as if MONEY is the problem for it’s Beast System to thrive.

    Some have mentioned that the coming Antichrist will subdue 3 of the 10 kings – perhaps this is in an effort to keep the European Union alive. We know that it is Scriptural. Will it be France, Germany, and the UK? Who knows for sure, but most certainly something is on the horizon. The “subduing” is about to happen soon – as the coming Antichrist is about to be revealed.


  5. Comment by Adamantine:
    Mr. Baldy:
    Once again after placing my ever present proviso that we may be wrong I agree with what you have written. Both men have profited too much from their prophecy writings for my taste. Both have failed to address with any degree of attention to all that we know and discuss on this site. It is almost comical if it were not so tragic should events transpire as we might expect. Sad very sad even if we prove wrong because they have proven wrong for other more culpable reasons. Absolutely amazing that they would dare not give credit to Herb Peters nor address what Herb was also suspicious of with the ENPI.
    Once again breathtaking amazingly outrageous lack of attention to detail by both of these men. They may have other virtues but something seems greatly out of joint.


  6. “Apart from a clearer codification of when the use of military force is appropriate, the Lisbon Treaty provided for the concept of enhanced cooperation in the area of defense policy. This allows for a minimum of nine EU member states to establish advanced cooperation in an area within the EU’s competence without requiring the involvement of other member states. Lisbon also provides the framework for the development of a permanent structured cooperation in defense, which would allow member states with higher-level militaries to form a permanent defense structure under EU structures.”



  7. Passerby thanks for that great link!

    For those of you who haven’t read the information in the link here is a following quotes that I have picked up:

    “The Lisbon Treaty, earlier known as the Reform Treaty, was designed to reorganize and restructure the constitutional framework of the EU by amending the Treaty on European Union (TEU) and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union”

    and then it states this:

    “While the full effect of the Lisbon Treaty is not yet completely understood, looking at the institutional changes that impact the field of external affairs allows for a heightened understanding of the EU as an international actor.”

    Then we have this very key element of this particular paragraph:

    ” when the Lisbon Treaty entered into force, the EU consolidated the three-pillar system and adopted one legal personality.
    Furthermore, in response to the absence of a coordinated foreign policy, the Lisbon Treaty expanded the role of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy in an effort to coordinate foreign policy.”

    If any of you are paying attention to the aforementioned…then it should be clear that the person who hold the seat of High Representative has been given “expanded” powers.
    This sounds very familiar with the information that Herb Peters has explained in his book Recommendation 666. Also, if one can remember, it was Javier Solana who was the current High Representative at the time just prior to the Lisbon Treaty being ratified that really pushed that it be passed by the people of Ireland. He further stepped down after it had become Law. I find this Highly Suspicious!

    Then we have this information:

    “The holder of this position is responsible for organizing EU policy in matters of external action, and speaking for the EU on matters of common foreign and security policy. Furthermore, the High Representative chairs the Council of EU Foreign Ministers and sits in the European Commission. In short, the High Representative serves as a foreign minister for the entire EU, allowing for the more cohesive development and expression of the Union’s common foreign and security policy. While the High Representative represents the Union in the international arena, it is always in close cooperation with member states’ diplomatic missions. Furthermore, the centrality of unity in the development and expression of foreign policy is reflected in the fact that the High Representative is responsible for trying to resolve diplomatic problems among the Union’s member states.”

    Now I ask, after reading the aforementioned, is Lady Ashton really suited for the High Representatives Position?

    As far as what has been left out in the original statements about the EU’s defense, please take a look at this statement:

    “Lisbon also provides the framework for the development of a permanent structured cooperation in defense, which would allow member states with higher-level militaries to form a permanent defense structure under EU structures.”

    So it appears as if the EU will indeed have a Military Force – but it must fall under “EU structures”. This is consistent with how Militarily – the EU will be a force that cannot be reckoned with.

    The article goes on to state how the EU has had limited powers as far as it’s ability to function independently from member states – which sounds like a contradiction; in that it eariler states that each member state will have a say-so, and it is to be respected, but if you read on they give how the actions in Libya led to a lack of “common defense policy”.

    The author of this article goes on to state that now the EU is basically taking matters into their own hands by qualifying their quest for a common defense policy by stating this:

    “The changes underlined above seem to develop a new EU strategy for the international arena. Under the new institutional framework, the Union is able to act with heightened autonomy and, as such, it demonstrates a united and more highly integrated policy in its external affairs. New unifying concepts are also focused on to achieve strategic coordination in terms of development, the promotion of the rule of law and human rights, and the battle against poverty. Furthermore, these uniting policies aid in the creation of a more positive profile of the Union in the world and in accomplishing alliances with developing countries. As the solidarity clause dictates “the Union and its member states shall act jointly in a spirit of solidarity.” Going forward, the course of the Union will be determined by the political will of its member states, their decisions in how to deal with the challenges of the twenty-first century and their approaches to the new framework established by the Lisbon Treaty.”

    In closing, it appears as Herb Peters was “spot on” when he identified “The Ten”; and further provided the fact that Document 666; or Article 666 of this same “Ten” identified the seat of the person who will have the power of EU foreign affairs – which could certainly lead to World domination as far as the powers that have been given to him. Especially when one “may” consider that the 1st Beast that arises from the Sea in Revelation 13 is non other than a World Empire that once was; appeared as if it were dead; then came back to life; and the 10 that were independent from them – as far as it’s Military Wing; and having full voting rights subsequently gave their power and authority back to the 1st Beast.

    Please consider the aforementioned things…….


  8. thanks mr. baldy and passerby. i have thought for a while that the things that herb peters was looking to in the weu and enp/enpi-as groundwork was right to focus upon-but also it seemed to me to be passing on in favor of the lisbon treaty as a core for governing with power more fully developed. i believe this is the right path to be looking at as powers are continuing to shift into a higher gear and the lisbon treaty does just that. and it’s timing at it’s ratification also works in favor of the shifts among the players as to a certain set-up at the right time for an all-powerful high representative. mrs. ashton is where she is as the bugs are worked out of the system (by design in my opinion) that all the states do not feel an overwhelming takeover of the eu states by this core and center of operation all the while it is endeavoring to work exactly that way. the struggles inside the eu and arriving at their “ten” seem to be handing power back and forth but with the light of scripture upon it we can see it shaping up as a beast kingdom being fully prepared to be manned at it’s helm by it’s ‘evil author and finisher” yet to be handed allllll the power centered on and in him. heads and “horns” are gonna roll as more and more this thing is stream-lined to concentrate it’s whole purpose. evil has been afoot for a lengthy amount of time with a plan that has seemingly very raveled edges but it’s final product is getting it’s finishing touches just like the bible is revealing to us to watch and discern instead of watch and suppose.


  9. This discussion needs to be whisked over to FP. I praise God for you Mr B and give Him all the glory for your unwavering stand.What blesses me is how all those that have spent hours working hard to share this concern and conviction have never once taken any monetary gain or world fame. Oh how I miss Herb 😦

    Nothing to add, other than it is sad to witness the kick off of the strong delusion and how many seem to be given over to the lie already 😦

    I love and appreciate you all so very much and make mention of you in my prayers daily!

    Wow what a ride it has been since ‘ 07 🙂


  10. Joel demolishes you. If you want to say he is wrong and convince people of that you shouldn’t include his article because after reading it I don’t see how you can still stick to your opinion. If what he says is true, I would say, yah, it is goofy to claim that this is the coalition of 10 in revelation. But who knows for sure. At this point it seems far more likely to me that the nations surrounding Israel that come against it in Daniel are the muslim nations immediately all around it, not more remote nations in all directions north south east west. I’m sure there will be other nations involved as allies such as how Russia is an ally of Iran, but the major players in the end times events of nations coming against Israel are the muslim countries that surround Israel not European nations.

    As far as what the empires are that the sections of the statue in Daniel represent, I’ve always thought that it seemed a lot of speculation goes on about that. The bible doesn’t actually tell us itself what they are so that means people are looking at the empires that have existed and trying to guess. The only ones from scripture that are without question are Nebuchadnezzars and the last one which is Christs.


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