Should Wives be submissive?

On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” David Gregory pressed Bachmann on a question asked during Thursday’s Republican debate in Iowa about the role wives play in a heterosexual marriage. During the debate, moderator Byron York asked Bachmann whether she was a “submissive” wife, citing a 2006 speech in which Bachmann said she decided to study tax law because her husband wanted her to do so, even though she did not like the subject.

At the time, Bachmann said: “My husband said, now you need to go and get a post-doctorate degree in tax law. Tax law, I hate taxes. Why should I go and do something like that? The Lord says, ‘Be submissive.’ Wives, you are to be submissive to your husbands.”

Gregory played the soundbite and asked, “Is that your view for women in America? Is that your vision for them?”

“Submission — that word means respect,” Bachmann replied.

Gregory said that in his discussions with his own wife, the two words are not equivalent.

“In our house, it is,” Bachmann said.

Gregory asked: “His word goes?”

“Well, both of our words go,” Bachmann said. “We respect each other. We’re a good team together.”

Comment by Adamantine:

I would ask what does the Bible mean to say when it tells children to obey their parents?

Under today’s reasoning the child might answer “Well both of our words go. We’re a good team together”.

I would ask what does the Bible mean to say when it tells slaves to obey their masters?

Under today’s reasoning the slave might answer “Well both our words go. We’re a good team together.”

I would ask what does the Bible mean to say when it tells Christians to obey their God?

Under today’s reasoning the child of God might answer “Well both our words go. We’re a good team together.”

While there is wiggle room in these issues I suggest we are approaching a time when a true Christian cannot be elected.

How long will it be before being “pro-life” excludes one from election in Europe?

How long before being anti- sodomy excludes one from election in Europe?

How long before saying “Christ is the way the truth and the light and no man comes to the Father except by Him” excludes one from election in Europe?

It also may be that to argue that there is any difference in the submission of men and women in marriage is a  new red line to electability across the world.

If Christianity in its old form which some believed called for a pattern of marriage which did assign different distinctives to husband and wife is now obsolete but correct then Jesus must soon return as there will soon be no Godly marriages which will pattern the proper upbringing of children in the faith.

The pattern of answer to these questions has changed over time.


4 thoughts on “Should Wives be submissive?

  1. Since they chose to play the “christian” card against this dear woman of faith —
    WHY did they not ask the men ~~

    Husbands do you love your wives just as Christ loved the church and do you give yourself up for her…??

    Don’t remember hearing THAT question. Hmmmm.??.!!…

    We need to blanket our sister in prayer — regardless of whether we agree or disagree with her political views – she is family.!!..


  2. the little overlooked verse just before ehp 5:22-33 is: submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. godly marriage is each giving up their own way for the other in the fear of God that He may lead-this is key in enabling husbands to truly love their wives by the example of submission just like Jesus was submitted to the will of the Father and a godly woman-though not commanded to love as her husband is-can find herself happy to honor the Lord with a submitted spirit that lets her husband be the head of the home. Jesus taught that the first is last and the last first in esteeming each other more highly that we do ourselves making this the win-win that the Lord designed for marriage and beyond. what a different world we would awaken to everyday if the church-this includes me-would seek to honor the Lord in our relationships at this level. broken homes would not be at the extreme we face today in this nation were this the case. we as a nation have sinned so grievously and so much went into the ditch right here in how the church has abandoned obeying the Lord in our own homes. we cannot blame society for this-believers should be the example and repent. perhaps this is what mrs. bachmann was speaking of in her marriage. it would take incredible love and mutual respect/submission to go beyond in their home fostering 23 other children wouldn’t you think?


  3. Agreed – many of the homes of my own brothers and sisters in Christ do not reflect a biblical Christ centered model of the complementary roles of man and wife. I had this conversation once with a muslim limo driver that was upset with his father for taking a second wife. After we’d been talking for a while I told him about how the Bible taught that while a wife should submit to her husband – a man must love his wife like Christ loved the church, and gave himself up for her. My point was that while I find this an intimidating and impossible task with one woman – I can’t imagine how a man would ever meet that standard for two or more women! I remember the impact our conversation had on this man – he shook my hand when he handed me my bag and said he wished we a lot longer way to go to reach the airport. I pray for him still today that the seed that was sown found fertile ground – and that someday I may meet him again as a brother in christ.

    It is a truth that I think is lost on our church today, and was disappointed in Rep Bachmann’s answer. She could have been truthful while describing how her husband would be sacrificing his own will and opinions in order for her to faitfully execute the office to which she’d been elected.


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