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Rubalcaba Spanish politician is the most influential Twitter

He is the coordinator of his campaign, Elena Valenciano, Esperanza Aguirre and Gaspar Llamazares


EDITORIAL The website ‘The 30 twitters’ that performs a ranking ‘scientific’ with Spanish politicians has published the results for the month of July. The surprise, although it is not so is the appearance in the ranking of the electoral campaign has Rubalcaba, which is placed on top of the table. They follow @ conrubalcaba, Elena Valenciano, coordinator of the socialist campaign, Hope Aguirre, president of the Community of Madrid, and Gaspar Llamazares, MP for Izquierda Unida. This month, the Popular Party has again achieved hegemony in Twitter 11 ‘Politics 2.0’ compared with 8 of the Socialist Party. A novelty is that for the first time, the sum of users of other non-majority party is superior to the PSOE. Among the entries in the ranking highlights of Gaspar Llamazares, Javier Solana and Jose Antonio Monagas, new president of Extremadura. The site notes that there has been an increased interaction between the politicians debating and arguing with each other and forming a kind of forum policy under the public scrutiny of social networking.


Comment by Adamantine:

The rise of a world leader by twitter?


One thought on “Twitter

  1. why not? lots of things are organized by twitter these days. maybe getting a world leader in place could happen by a large swell of support thru that means. and the leadership “vacuum” being created (?) might get the masses together since they like to think (?) with a herd mentality………….


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