Is it time to start buying everything with cash?










Comment by Adamantine:

The government already does not want anyone to pay with cash and to have the freedom to buy and sell without big brother watching.

When the opportunity comes to do away with cash they will jump at the chance.


3 thoughts on “Is it time to start buying everything with cash?

  1. You know that if the govt wanted to get you, they will find a way I think. and at the time it becomes the time to get rid of the fundamentalist Christians they will have a way to do it.


  2. I don’t care about money anymore,The last year I have been growing my own Veges, Fruit and herbs.
    I use himalayan crystalized salt, Cocao powder, Goji berries, Acai berries, Chia seeds and Maca Powder,
    These are a few “superfoods” the Lord has provided us. Unfortunately the Corporations have processed and refined everything we eat and that is what is killing people.
    So if people are buying things with cash it should be for survival instead of material stuff that can’t be eaten like Gold and Silver.
    We can live fine off the Beast System but its just allot easier for people to rely on Supermarkets and corporations to feed them.
    GOd has provided me with a roof, clothes on my back and food and water. There is nothing else i need to live fine and happy.
    Problem is we know globally have generation of people who dont know how to farm or hunt…
    MONEY = Satan and that’s pretty easy to work out.
    We all know what Jesus said to the money changers in the Temple.


  3. I pick up what you’re putting down, Lafreak. You are making some wise moves with your lifestyle choices.

    I’ve been downsizing in my life the past few years, selling off stuff I don’t need and only buying what is necessary while putting food and other provisions into the storehouse.

    Now, all I need to do to complete my preparations is save a few more bucks so I can fit my pickup with a .50 calibur turret with a gunner’s protection kit so I can keep the “non-preparers” away when things get chaotic! :O)

    The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want.


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