Sympathy for the devil

Comment by John Muncy

This is where “American Idol” takes the church! “Let’s try to be just like the world and make our audience think we’re cool too.” This is spiritual prostitution! Sell out and give out to get approval ratings. These churches are trying to bend over backwards to please men instead of God! A sure sign of the “perilous times” to be seen in the “last day” generation…see 2 Tim. 3:1-4.

Fact is, none of the Christian entertaining wanna-be’s will ever come close to the level of the Rolling Stones or Alice Cooper, so why do they pretend to be? Our day is a day in which the church has no real VOICE! They are looking to the world to come up with something to say!! The church only appears to “parrot” what others say and do! “Repeat after me” – that is how we now get people “saved”, and how we now pump up our crowds! John the Baptist was a “VOICE, crying in the wilderness”, calling the nation to make straight paths! Our churches don’t want prophets today, who clearly have a voice, so we replace the voice with an ECHO!! Everyone just echoes what the popular trend and fad is of the day. But this isn’t even “current” or “relevant” today…it’s demonic!

Revelation 17-18 speaks of a religious system, entitled, “Mystery Babylon” that becomes “the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit”. And we can see this happen as it is obvious at this point; nothing is off limits, not even the occult! These poor misguided young people are being trained to play the part of that religious harlot system, as it gives “Sympathy for the Devil”! How could any preacher allow someone to come on their sanctified stage, dressed as Vincent Furnier, (a preacher’s son), who got his stage name “Alice Cooper” from playing with an Ouija board, the name was from a famous 17th century witch. We are watching as the harlot system is taking over the church!

Much of the American church has already become the unfaithful woman and its prostitution is clearly the polar opposite of the faithful bride of Christ, who will die before turning her back on her only love – her Lord and Savior, JESUS!

Comment by Wickus

I found the video and comment on Facebook. I am in total agreement to the comment of John Muncy. The Church are falling apart and with it the world.


2 thoughts on “Sympathy for the devil

  1. WHAT “pastor” in his right mind would allow this.?. Did I see in the video a brief mention that this was written by Ozzie Osborne..??.. ~~ that should have given anyone pause.

    It just seems the state of the church continues to grown worse and worse with each passing day as it slides further and further down into the muck and mire of the sewer pit of man’s depravity.

    One more word comes to mind – Sadistic.!!..


  2. I am really getting sick of the so called “mainstream” churches shoveling out this kind of garbage. Stunts like this only make Christians look like wannabes who want to conform to the world and at the same time hold on the their archaic faith. It dirties the Christian name and only makes our witnessing to the world around us even harder. The world is not in need of what it already has, it needs the Gospel and the salvation that comes through faith in Jesus Christ!


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