Sign or coincidence?

Wickus here:

Something just struck me now. Monday 8 Aug 2011 the Dow Jones had its sixth biggest drop in history and its biggest point drop since 1 Dec 2008. It dropped with 634 points.

Monday 8 Aug was the 9th of Av on the Hebrew calender, traditionally a day of disaster. 

Coincidence? Warning sign? You decide.


13 thoughts on “Sign or coincidence?

  1. Hi Wickus,

    As I read the topic of your question……….

    “Monday 8 Aug was the 9th of AV on the Hebrew calender, traditionally a day of disaster.”

    I began to think to myself, wow, yet another sign, and we have those who still won’t heed the signs, and not to be too harsh, they will just chalk it up to “business as usual”.

    My answer is NO! It is absolutely not a coincidence. Nor are the other signs that precede this event that tell us all that the Coming of Christ is near.

    I guess my biggest concern is the fact that we have those who have been taught “traditional beliefs” that certain things have to be “seen”; or “appear” in our own understanding that Christ is about to Return.

    Then we have those who attempt to use Scripture – and that to their advantage; to subscribe to a certain view point, as far as the timing of the Rapture; that certain things have to be in place; or that “God is not the Author of confusion” – therefore He would let us know that His Coming is near…………

    And I say…..ABSOLUTELY! He is not the Author of confusion; nor is He attempting to “hide” things that are in plain sight. Sometimes we just don’t get it. The Truth is there for us. But we tend to lean to our own understanding – which we should know can be twisted.

    After reading your – “yet another piece of this End Time puzzle”; in that you have supplied additional evidence that the World is in economic chaos – as it relates to a very significant date in Hebrew History (End Time events primarily focus on Israel); then I can’t help but wonder why we all collectively cannot place the pieces of this End Time puzzle together, and come to an understanding that we absolutely cannot deny the fact that God Himself is giving us the facts. Perhaps we are just too blind, or too concerned about this “World” to see it.

    I hope that I am not too dogmatic about the stance that I am taking – but sometimes a good “wake-up” call is necessary – which is often in contrast to being “politically correct”.


  2. The Jewish days begin at sundown – so the 9th of Av would have begun at sundown on Monday and a new day would begin at sundown on Tuesday.

    The stock market closed before sundown on Monday the 8th. But— what happened on Tuesday – that is where one need look.


  3. Hi Ali

    The key is the time zones. I stay in the same time zone as Israel (GMT+2) and the markets in the US closes at 10PM on my watch. It means that the markets did close after sundown on Monday he 8th or on the 9th of Av Israel time.

    And as I can remember, the BIG drop came after sunset as I was watching it on television after work.



  4. Vic am at work so am not able to verify this, but read somewhere that it was 66.6% drop (?)
    Will look into that later…
    Keep up sounding the alarm boetie, we all need each other here.


  5. i saw that too and almost sent that info over. should have in hind sight. it was on drudge report yesterday i believe.


  6. You are correct Wickus – I stand corrected – there is indeed a time difference of several hours – with Israel being later than North America. thanks.!!!..


  7. Hi Cole

    The drop was 5.55%. I was waiting for it to hit a 666 drop, but it did not happen. It took a few days to make the connection to the 9th of Av.


  8. Aug 8 2011, 09:19 PM

    my friend sent me that, I was not watching that closely on the 8th, and did not know it was the 9th of Av either

    thanks a lot for catching that one wickus


  9. The S&P 500 plummeted 79.92 points, or 6.66 percent, to close at 1,119.46, its lowest close since Sept. 10, 2010.

    this is from the CNBC article shampoo had and sent to me and wickus


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