It Might Be Time To Stop Praying

Texas Drought Drives Residents to Drink Their Pee


    • Inflow in the Highland Lakes, which provide water to Austin and surrounding cities, is 1 percent of what it was a year ago. As a result, Austin’s reservoir, Lake Travis, is now half empty.


    • Many Texas rivers have simply stopped flowing.


    • This drought is the costliest ever for farmers. Ranchers say it will take at least a decade to rebuild their devastated herds.


    • Parched cattle moved to better pasture are dying from drinking too much water.


    • The Austin area has had more than 40 days over 100 degrees this year; the average is 12.


    • A lake in Texas turned blood red as it dried out, which some saw as a sign of the apocalypse. (Turns out it’s just algae.)


    • All 254 counties in Texas have been declared natural disasters.


It might be time to stop praying, Texas, and face the facts: Climate change is going to make these unfortunate conditions more and more common — and even worse — down the road. It’s time to mitigate, adapt, and stop denying the facts.

Comment by Adamantine:

I suppose if they quit praying we might start. It is true that often those in great need quit praying.



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