Do you wish a small meeting? Call a prayer meeting. The State of a Nation/World.

AUSTIN, Texas – Openly and deeply religious, Governor Rick Perry of Texas organized what seemed like a slam-dunk event for a politician in a state where religion and politics walk hand in hand: He would fill Houston’s Reliant Stadium with fellow believers in a seven-hour session of Christian atonement by some of the nation’s most conservative preachers, exhorting believers to pray about the nation’s moral decline.

 only 8,000 RSVPs for a stadium that seats 71,500 people, virtually no politicians planning to attend

Comment by Adamantine:

Call a prayer meeting and be thankful for anyone who shows up. I advise my children to look for a spouse at prayer meetings and after proving he/she is sane then that young person may be someone who truly believes.

It is still possible that more will attend this “prayer’ meeting because in actuality it is not a prayer meeting.

It is really a political rally for “Christians”.

It may be a thermometer for the spiritual lukewarmness of Texas.


5 thoughts on “Do you wish a small meeting? Call a prayer meeting. The State of a Nation/World.

  1. his own–you are echoing my very thoughts! thanks for the edifying words–anything not of the Word of God is set for failure and no one will be deceived that clings to the Holy Word alone. on Christ the solid Rock i stand all other ground is sinking sand-all other ground is sinking sand…………….


  2. Amen beloved of the Lord!

    I so am not going to let this one be buried again. This is not the first time this has been had to be rebuked and am afraid it may not be the last 😦

    This is a deep concern that seems to be embraced lately and do pray that we will see the horrible deception behind it all.

    My spirit grieves 😦

    I believe Holly eluded to this as well.

    Meet the Radical Evangelical Army Behind Rick Perry.”


  3. My PC at work does not seem to paste the URL.
    Please see Holly’s blog 🙂
    Ps plz forgive quick post, but only had a few sec’s free to post.
    Love in Christ


  4. i agree like crazie with you His Own and want you to know it. the time you found them 100 dollar bills was really something too,…i took note of that. ..interesting, for sure. you are nice, i can tell,…bless you


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