Mistaking Demographics as Destiny


Once this foredoomed move toward Palestinian membership in the UN runs its course, a new paradigm will take root, one that Israel dreads because it implicitly views Palestinians and Israelis as equals, as co-citizens, as partners. This new shift will see Palestinians dropping their desire for independent statehood in a fraction of their historic homeland and instead will find them, within a genuinely representative political structure, articulating their desire for self-determination within their historic homeland, even if that homeland today is called Israel.

Now, the sooner Palestinians and Israelis realise that our destiny is to live together as equals, the sooner we can begin to rehabilitate our communities and build a single society whose citizens are all equal under law and equal as human beings.

Comment by Adamantine:

Israel will at some point be forced by population pressures to separate from Palestinians.

This must occur unless they are willing to be outnumbered in Israel by Islamic Palestinians.

These are the well known demographic pressures which even Netanyahu recognizes.

It would be better if he recognized the sovereignty of Jesus the Christ.

I agree with the article in that it is the destiny of Jew and Palestinian to live together as equals and build a better society.

It is the destiny of the Israeli’s and Palestinians to someday soon live together worshiping and serving the one true God and under the Kingship of His son Jesus.

Praise God,

He is coming,



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