When only your enemies speak the truth


China Joins Russia in Blasting U.S. Borrowing

China, the largest foreign investor in U.S. government securities, joined Russia in criticizing American policy makers for failing to ensure borrowing is reined in after a stopgap deal to raise the nation’s debt limit.

People’s Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said China’s central bank will monitor U.S. efforts to tackle its debt, and state-run Xinhua News Agency blasted what it called the “madcap” brinksmanship of American lawmakers. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said two days ago that the U.S. is in a way “leeching on the world economy.”


Comment by Adamantine:

The purchases by the central banks of Thailand and of South Korea recently of gold signals a concern about the future of paper assets.

China and Russia have spoken with words and Thailand and Korea with actions.


It is a strange world indeed when China,Russia and the “tea Party” say cut debt.

It is a strange world indeed when Iran,Al Queda and the US support the “Arab Spring”

I think we need to come up with a new name for the Arab Spring. I would like to start a contest on this site for a better name for this Arab conflict.

Rhyme, alliteration and metaphor are needed.

1) Muslim Mayhem, 2) June’s Jacobites, 3) Caliphate by Mob 4) End of the Puppet Presidents and  rise of  manipulated mobs

Not good enough, not nearly good enough


One thought on “When only your enemies speak the truth

  1. How about “Arab Anarchy” or Ishmael’s Insolence?

    Anyhow, anyone notice that the little colored pictures that link to our email addresses look just like QR codes? I wonder if someone can find out our email address by taking a picture of these.


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