The New Rules of Power


The New Grammar of Power

The challenge of governing global risks is nothing less than the challenge of preventing the “end of history”

– not as the placid apotheosis of liberal democracy’s global victory,

but as the worst collective failure we can imagine.

Comment by Adamantine:

Sink your teeth into that comment for awhile.


3 thoughts on “The New Rules of Power

  1. most assuredly a godless point of view. since he does not factor God even remotely on the scene it is going to be up to ones such as his fine self to “save the day” perhaps? (in his way of thinking is man-or himself-God’s equal? isaiah 14 comes to mind….)


  2. That is the correct thing to say indeed, God does not factor in his statement at all. But God is letting man reach the end of himself, since man rejected all of the ways and order of his creation to do what they wanted. God is patient and merciful, but also he is a just and righteous God. Jesus is coming soon.


  3. absolutely romalynnstar that God is letting men reach the end of themselves and one would prayerfully hope that at the end of of themselves they find the beginning of wisdom in knowing the fear of the Lord (prov 9:10) that brings them to their knees in repentance and faith at Jesus’ merciful Cross before it is forever too late. judgment is nearing for those unwilling to trust in God’s great salvation. so many treat the Lord like the ultimate dead-beat dad or something if they even acknowledge Him at all. praise the Lord He is coming soon. aren’t we so thankful to know how great a salvation He gave us?


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