The European Union Collective Enemy of its Member States, A Study in Russian and German Strategy to Complete Lenins World Revolution.

Comment by Adamantine:

For the conspiracy thinkers who visit these pages the above link leads to an interesting discussion of the possibility that German and Russian powers have found a common goal of hegemony via the European Union.

What is interesting to me is that one arrives at the same end point simply by understanding Biblical end times theology. The varied understandings of the world political scene as understood by Malachi Martin, Pope John Paul the II or this current author in the end become irrelevant to the Christian who understands the theories of Biblical prophecy as spoken of by millions of more humble less powerful members of the world society. 


The Christian understands that the ever greater connectivity and globalization of political forces can only end badly.

It matters not if Lenin, Hitler or Javier Solana laid the plot or even if there is no” PLOT”   because all of the maneuvers to attain ever greater control of the levers of world power in the hands of a few has been accelerating. Those who have taken the time to see the increasing connectivity of the various NGO’s are aware that the conspiracy requires not the secrecy of plans but rather the simply the destruction of Christianity in it true pure form. Christians knows that government without a love of Jesus will be a totalitarian hell.

The rest of the world under any other ism or religion is left to over time promote the kingdom of Nimrod.

There is reason to believe that the author of the above book felt he was at some personal risk. That is difficult to discern. We know that the Christian WILL someday be at risk because the Bible states clearly that Christians for whom their kingdom is ultimately not of this world will ultimately be enemies of the totalitarian state even if they attempt to avoid the conflict.

The poster highlighted for this post is well known to those who frequent these types of discussions but it is surprising to see it in this authors book. On some level both protagonists and antagonists of the European project have known that the roots of the debate may extend back to the beginning of all efforts to unite mankind and its driving spirit.


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