Obama document forgery


Comment by Adamantine:

I have been challenged that the birth certificate is a fraud.

I think the original document needs to be submitted to all 50 states attorney generals for investigation.


3 thoughts on “Obama document forgery

  1. Of course, BUT IMHO he knew it was and so did those who work for him – they too could see a cheap imitiation just as the public has – se we must ask ourselves WHY.???…

    Gotta keep our focus on the man and not the cheap copy — he is a danger to this nation and we must keep our eyes open and not become distracted majoring on minors.


  2. I think Obama’s whole life is a forgery. Dreams from my father, his father was a bigamist, alcoholic, who abandoned his children in Kenya then here in America, lost both legs in a drunken car accident, then killed himself in another drunken accident. Yeah I would want that kind of father to write a book about I tell you. His mother was a liberal so interested in her big education to go out and save the world, that she left him with the grandparents, left a husband in Indonesia to come back to this country to get more education. A microfinance economist working in the poor countries. Seems like I remember some question about the validity of microfinance tactics to begin with.

    Then a grandmother who was an evil bank executive as he describes them today. Wonder how close he felt to her? Not close enough to visit her, when she was dying from cancer, just like his mother. Had no time to visit her as he was busy with his campaigning for the senate in Illinois while she died in Hawaii. Mind you there are evil people running businesses but it is not nearly as bad as Obama claims that is for sure. Called communistic tactics of class warfare is what he does all the time.

    Then we hear that grandmother is going in for a hip operation, then suddenly she dies and we are told she has cancer. Never heard a word about her having cancer, and he never, ever let any media get even close enough to her all those years after he went into politics to ask any question.

    Seems we cannot even see any school records etc. Boy that would not have happened for Bush that is for sure.

    I am so sick of this man that the media here helped get into office, and we get this stupid third world country dictator style worship going on? Let me tell you, I respect the office of the Presidency of the United States as our constitution gives us, but not too many of them, the men deserved much respect that is for sure.

    Saddest thing I ever saw was that election campaign that started way, way too early, and has not ended yet, he is the continual candidate and not a leader of anything.

    Now do you want to know what I really think of this whole thing?


  3. We will soon find out on Aug 8th if in fact it is a forgery as an attorney named Orly Taitz has gotten a supeana for the original document that she intends to present to the Hawaii authorities. She is taking two experts with her to examine the document and they are planning on having a press conference shortly there after to announce the results. She says if the original differs from the one he has presented that there will be immediate filing of criminal charges against him there in Hawaii. Aug 8th is the 9th of AV by the way. This is really getting interesting. If it does differ, where we will be as a nation and what effect will this have on Israel if we remove this president due to his not producing a true document? As Wickus says stay tuned.


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