How should we respond if ?

Comment by Adamantine:

Please vote:

What event will cause you to say the AC has been revealed at 100 % accuracy  ?

Must you respect the AC and speak well of him because he has been ordained of God to harass the world ?


5 thoughts on “How should we respond if ?

  1. Yes it does. I have cast my “secret” vote. Would love to see what the majority view is. But on the last question, I do not think that anyone can speak well of the AC, even though he will be ordained by God. It remains a difficult subject. Could anyone speak well of Hitler, Stalin, Mau Tse Tung, etc? We must submit to the authority that God ordained over us, but if that authority is antichrist and willfully against God, must we just except it and not speak against it?

    I would love to sit with some Christians out of Communist countries to hear how they see it. Richard Wurmbrand and Brother Yung comes to mind, both suffered lots under anti christian leaders.



  2. How could we speak the truth in love without pointing out the AC if scripture has revealed him? We would be complicit in the world’s deception if we refuse to share the clear signs that God has told us watch for. I will obey earthly authority where it does not require me to disobey God, but I will not call evil good. I don’t think we should go on and on like world does in saying nasty things – but I refuse to be silent if there is evil being done. If it quacks like a duck – I’m calling it a duck.


  3. Wickus you said: Could anyone speak well of Hitler, Stalin, Mau Tse Tung, etc?
    Well if you really look at people like Hitler, Gaddafi, Stalin and others were actually liked and involved with the west for years. Hitler hosted the Olympic games and i’m sure the Queen attended.
    Like all dictators they all started off involved with the world until something happened and they decided to turn.
    But i think it will be different with the AC, Even after the person whoever it is gets the position of power in the EU it still won’t make him look like a world leader like Obama is for example.
    I think he still will remain in the background according to the general public.
    If it is Solana it will be so much harder to tell people it is him due to the fact he has been around for so long.
    The eventual position doesn’t even have to be a “public” world figure.
    look at how the elites do it now.
    The Rothschild’s are never ever mentioned in the media even though they own most of the worlds wealth, Funded most wars and governments via the IMF and have stakes in most of the major corporations today.
    The best way to hide something is to put it out in front of everyone.


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