Risk of Default

Comment by Adamantine:

I consider the risk of default by the US to be proportional to the risk that Barak Obama is Muslim and also proportional to the risk that his presidency is illegitimate based on a phoney birth certificate. Both of these possibilities are reasons why Obama might not compromise in the manner of previous presidents. He may hate America and he may know his days are numbered unless a new crisis covers his tracks with an avalanche of problems. In addition it would seem we still need an international crisis to bring the AC candidate back to power.

These may all seem or be  far fetched but such is the stuff history has been and is made of.

It will not be discussed anywhere else.

The purpose of this site is to discuss world events in the light of the apparently diminishing possibility that we are in the seven years described by Daniel 9:27.

The absurdity of such possibilities may be just the warped lens required to see such warped world events clearly and bring warped events back into identifiable pieces of the puzzle.

Like most however I cannot imagine a default nor guess what the impact may fully be. It might however be time for a little preparation.

15 thoughts on “Risk of Default

  1. I reckon they will default eventually either soon or in a year then the world bank can create their world reserve currency.


  2. Adamantine,

    Daniel 9:27 does not refer to a “last” seven years. It is merely a “seven” within which the sacrifice will be stopped. Within that “seven,” the first possible date for the stopping of the sacrifice is August 15, 2012. If that date passes without a fulfillment, then the next earliest possible date for the stopping of the sacrifice is September 4, 2013. It cannot occur earlier without breaking the prophecy of Daniel 8:13-14. We are not in a “diminishing possibility.” The ENPI “seven” is running just as our heavenly Father intended. We just have to be patient.




  3. i believe obama’s trips overseas (even while still a candidate) were to confer with those who are pulling the strings-shortcutting trips to see our troops to meet with the elites-how many senators/legislators have done the same? they are selling us out because they know that the future is here and it is a world government-or at the least so compromised that have to go along. i personally do not think that obama cares about another 4 years as prez because he sees it as a stepping stone to something higher in a global position-their thanks for delivering america-tanking our economy to get it in line for the global one-into their hands perhaps? i think it has gotten that bad and that obvious by now (excuse me if wrong and would hope that i am). g w bush was a bit the fly in their ointment though mostly on board-how willingly i don’t know-but obama is their man-not ours-i don’t think he is american but a globalist (backed by soros money and others?) and he has much company among other members of government. the tea party people are who they all love to hate-notice they are the ones who really want to stand for the american constitution and by israel. they can’t save our nation-only God can if that is what He even wants at this point. the elites abroad are trying to impose all they can-even telling our governors they should not sign the death warrant for criminals on death row. does that not indicate what has happened to our national sovereignty? (like the romans did to the jews in their own country during Jesus time on earth) notice how javier solana weighed in on that one-i see his face (or at least his voice or his policies) everywhere in dealing with all leaderships the world over-much going on behind closed doors but those doors are beginning to open and stuff is leaking out) or is just me again? the globalists sticky fingers are everywhere-the whole of the middle east problems,economies,food distribution and control,green agenda,on and on and on it goes-and they are getting louder and louder in their call for abandoning the amercian system-and the Lord is letting it rot from within (because america does not repent) so it is all working into and according to His prophecies. the devil gets his go at it and people like obama are raised up for such a time as this—-oh but so is the Lord’s true church-raised up also for a time such as this. all that live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted-a servant is not greater than his Lord and Jesus we know most definitely suffered at the hands of men. He has the final Word so we wait and trust patiently in Him. goin’ by the Book…..(glad my life is ordered by the Book-even so come quickly Lord Jesus)


  4. Adamantine…..let me say this:

    Today, I went to Pastor Brian Roberts commentary before I visited this site. His site is normally in the list of Prophecy Sites that I normally visit, but one of the last. I must say that I do respect his passion in End Time Eschatology, but he, as you have done – really upset me when it comes to your understanding about how people that are not of God are sometimes placed into position(s) of authority to carry out God’s plan.

    You both, (meaning you and Pastor Brian Roberts) seem to speak words about President Obama that is NOT Christian-like. That really bothers me. Even the late Herb Peters himself had a policy that was against speaking out against the President of the United States, and it was for a very intelligent reason. I hope that you both can someday figure this out.

    Let this be no mistake, I don’t care for the policies that President Obama is attempting to set forth. But we as Christians have been called to a higher understanding, and that is to know that we are NOT of this World. So both you and Pastor Brian Roberts should quit bashing this President, knowing full well that he has been placed into this position to carryout what THUS SAYETH THE LORD.

    In stating the aforementioned…….. “Truth” and “Andre'”, you both have spoken today, as I have read your comments, to what God Himself had placed on my heart. I hope that all will consider what both of you have said, and come to an understanding of where we are in these last days.

    It’s not about President bashing…as some will distort what is of God, to poision the minds of many, and truly miss what is at hand – perhaps this is even because of their own self prejudices, as it relates to the World views of things; therefore missing the true mission that is of God.

    Andre’ I feel as you do….and that is that President Obama is being controlled by those who want a One World Government, and is leading this World to accomplish this mission. This is quite evident to me.

    People of God. Let’s do stay focused, and that is on Christ, and Him alone. Let’s see, and pray for understanding in the things that we see, so that we don’t feed into the Political World nonsense – that I believe that Satan is trying to divide, and destroy us by.


  5. Comment by Adamantine:
    To “Truth” I did not refer to the seven years of Daniel 9:27 as the last seven years. I instead
    have made reference to the possibility that the ENPI is the seven years as defined by Daniel 9:27. The possibility that this is true may or may not be diminishing but it is my opinion that with each passing day the probability is decreasing.
    To Mr. Baldy:
    I will reconsider and pray about your position. Currently it is my opinion that the best patriot will speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth as they see it concerning all of their leaders.
    That said I have close to nothing good to say about Barak Obama. The Bible speaks of the basest of men sometimes being used to do God’s bidding. If I were to follow your position then I would not be allowed to speak ill of the AC should I see his arrival. I distinctly disagree currently with the position taken by Herb Peters on this point. I am concerned it may be this attitude which is keeping much of America from demanding his school records be released and and a birth certificate made available for hands on perusal. Too many seem to think that the days of deceit dishonesty and killing to gain and retain power are gone. Not so In my opinion. I see deceit and dishonesty coupled with ignorance in Barak Obama. Even as I would speak out to save an individual being deceived and cheated I would do the same for my nation.


  6. I’m still trying to figure out how pointing out what’s factual and obvious about our President can be considered unChristian-like and bashing. I didn’t see any maliciousness, slander or gossip in Adamantine’s or Pastor Brian’s assessments concerning Mr “Fundementally Transforming America”.

    I’m just sayin’


  7. Dear Jake,

    When someone calls the President of the United States a: “cry baby”; says that he has the “cool kid syndrome”; and is a “pathological liar” – or further assasinates his character by making comments such as: he is “Muslim”;(as to degrade him); and call his birth certificate phoney, making the subsequent claim that his presidency is illegitimate – when there has been evidence that it is not. Then comments made like this – in which Adamantine, and Pastor Brian Roberts have made, become personal.

    It doesn’t become about the President’s Policies, but about the man himself. I find that unchristian like. It’s like making comments about homosexuals individually, and not the sin that they commit.

    The point that I am trying to make falls in line with Scripture; namely Romans 13:1-2. When we make indicidual comments about people who are in Leadership, and we are in a position to affect other people by the words that we communicate, or deliver, then we become no better than the sinful World who does the same. We are called to a higher standard, knowing that God has placed these same people in their positions in order to carry out His Sovereign Will.

    We are given an example in Scripture where I believe Michael the Archangel didn’t even bad mouth Satan…but said the “Lord rebuke you”. If one doesn’t like the President of the United States, then you have a right to cast your vote in the next election. Likewise, if one doesn’t like the homosexual, please love the person, but hate the sin of homosexuality.

    In closing, Romans 13:1-2 reads:

    “1)Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. 2) So anyone who rebels against authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and they will be punished.” (NLT)


  8. Comment by Adamantine:
    Mr Baldy:
    I have studied since before the elections of 2008 the possibility that Barak Obama is not a qualified candidate by the constitution of the US. It is my opinion he is not qualified.The birth certificate as placed on the web is a forgery. The growing evidence for this is so large that it may represent a trigger motive for Obama to disregard caution in his policies as he knows the truth may soon carry the day.
    I have also seen Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barak Obama each celebrate Ramadan.George Bush called on an Iman to pray while celebrating the Ramadan dinner.
    At the end of his term in office Bush stated he thought that other religions such as Islam offered pathways to God.
    George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama fail my definition of Christianity by this example alone. It transgresses the first commandment.
    Support of abortion and homosexuality are such egregious transgressions of historical Christian thought that they may be strong identifiers as well of a non Christian stance.
    In American society by definition one is allowed to speak freely and criticize ones leaders and hence these are not and cannot be Biblical signs of rebellion. It is lawful.
    We will probably have to agree to disagree because second to my love of Jesus and adherence to what I think are Christian precepts this belief in the right and even responsibility to criticize ones leaders forms the bedrock of my political beliefs. While God may have allowed Obama to rule God also has placed me and every other free American in a position to evaluate, critique and criticize with the written and spoken word. The right to assemble, freedom of the press and speech are provided so that I might carry out my responsibilities as a citizen.


  9. While trying to figure out a response to your latest post, Mr Baldy, all I could do was revert back to Adamantine’s last post – so please allow me to ride “horseback” on it somewhat. The human, authoritative Law, inspired and ordained by God through the founders of the United States of America, absolutley makes it possible to be critical of people in places of authority without being in violation of the Word of God. Of course that criticism must have civilized boundries set forth by God’s precepts via His Word so that it doesn’t become ungodly, slanderous, rooted in gossip or malice. I absolutely respect the office of the Presidency of the United States of America, and I submit to President Obama’s rule. Submitting to his rule means staying within the laws of the land.

    If President Obama came to my house today and told me to shine his shoes, I would be on that task right after he uttered the words “shine my” and even before he said the word “shoes”, knowing all the while that this was my open door to do and say what would come next. And, I would carry out that action with joy in my heart because I was blessed to be given a moment with a Muslim where God could use me to share Jesus with the President. I would go on to add that knowing Jesus in a personal way would allow him to transform what really is in need of transformation – his mind. I would NOT bring up the facts that his birth certificate is fraudulent, that he lies more than any President in my lifetime, that he is failing to seize this chance while President to be a leader, that he is a wounded soul, or that he was the most unqualified person ever to be elected President. I just wouldn’t think in that moment that stating those obvious facts would be the right time or place. After putting that sparkly, clean luster on his shoes I would then, in a most loving way, shake his hand before he departed and remind him again to consider that Jesus was the sacrificial lamb for sins and that He can redeem you dear sir so please ask him into your heart, and that’s how you can eventually be with the True God in Paradise. If he was still gripping my hand I would be tempted to add in a subtle way with minute, sarcastic undertones that
    ‘you can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time’….but I would show restraint and refrain. I would hope.


  10. God bless both of you guys….but you both are missing the point.

    I never want to get drawn into any political debates, as I truly believe this is not of God. But I’m an opinionated person, so here you go…..

    You both, I am assuming are United States Citizens. If so, you are “Westernized” – and by your very on comments lack global understanding as far as suffering is concerned. You see we have it so good in the Western World, that we often forget how others have it in the lower classes of life. So we feel that we are “entitled” to speak in such away, regarding the very fact, that the death of others has given us the freedom to do so. We often forget that there are those who are victimized by rape, starvation, lack of shelter, deprivation of acquiring a means to support their family, and persecuted for speaking out against the dictatorial type leadership that totally rules their lives – so in essence, they truly have no free life.

    But those of you who are free, call themselves Christians, feel it’s their God given right to speak out against a “person” who has; as proven by Scripture been placed into Office, and that to carryout the very Will of God – and that by way of influencing others. For this you shame me, as being brothers in Christ.

    Let me remind you both that the Law of the Land does not come before the Sovereign Will of God.

    Again, I don’t care who is in serving in the capacity as President of the United States, or the coming President of the World – that being the Antichrist; when you have the power to influence others, such as you Adamantine, you need to be mindful of the how the words that you print will affect others.

    Barrack Obama being whatever you want to call him, does not super cede the fact that God has placed this man into Office – and again, it was done so by the Will of God. Please be mindful that you are the Christian that you claim to be. Your words are powerful, and to leave hateful words, and unsupported rhetoric can cause others to fall – whether you realize this or not.

    We all can learn a lesson from Michael the Archangel as he debated with the Prince of this World – Satan:

    Jude 1:8-10 reads:

    “8) Yet in the same way these men, also by dreaming, defile the flesh, and reject authority, and revile angelic majesties. 9) But Michael the archangel, when he disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses, did not dare pronounce against him a railing judgment, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” 10) But these men revile the things which they do not understand; and the things which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things they are destroyed.”

    In closing, if you disagree with the President of the United States policies, as I do, I believe is fine – we are in agreement. However one can do so, and still submit to his authority without the very slanderous, harsh, “I take it personal” type attitude that certainly affects others – especially fellow Christians.

    Don’t be like the World – as you both are sounding like.


  11. Let me please add this…..

    All Politicians are Liars. I don’t care whether they are Republican, Democrat, or Independent….they all LIE in the name of GREED – and self preservation. We see that as the issue with raising the debt ceiling looms. They manipulate the facts to create a delusion to confuse the populace, and/or those who get “caught up” in such NONSENSE – to include women and men of God.

    This has been true every since GREED has become the “business as usual” norm for those who don’t follow God. One may question……. but why do they do this?

    Well, it’s a designed plan, and that is to come to their ultimate goal – a One World Government, which is placed into their minds by the Prince of this World – Satan.

    So you who can’t see behind the Politics of men, and confuse the Truth of God…all I can say is: “please don’t get caught up”. And I don’t mean the Rapture.

    Recognize what is going on.


  12. Points taken Mr Baldy. Again, I will repeat what I said in my first post; I personally didn’t see any slander, bashing, gossip, or ungoldy behavior, with Adamantine or Pastor Brian’s well-known facts stated about President Obama. Looked to me like stating the obvious with no hate or malice involved.

    With your belief on this topic, I’m really curious to know what critiques do you think are allowed to be voiced about Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Chavez in Venezuela, Castro in Cuba, Idi Amin, Khomeini, Assad, and so on and so forth? Of course Obama isn’t a mass murderer, and he isn’t a dictator, but nevertheless, he is a world leader that God has allowed to come on the world scene just like the previously mentioned world leaders. What sort of dialogue is allowed about world leaders given your understanding of the scriptures? I’m asking that question because I’m looking for more information to gather on this topic.

    This is just me, but when I talk with family, friends, and even some strangers about the President (which is like .000001% of the conversations I have with people), and I am pointing out obvious facts about him, I really am just trying to say that we (America) got the leader we deserved, and look how far off the virtuous path we have strayed. Sometimes I even try to tie that in with how I believe it’s all part of end-time apostasy God said would come, and that the times we live in are just setting a foundation for the coming “grand delusion”). I’m not trying to bash Obama with this sort of small-talk. I’m not trying to slander him or spread false lies. It’s simply a human dialogue had between humans who, among many interests and fascinations about the world we are traveling through, should be allowed to discuss many issues concerning this complex world we find ourselves in. With that said, I respectfully disagree with your belief that that means that I’m westernized or taking anything Obama does personal. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I tend to look at it as being “light” exposing darkness which, in some cases is chased away, and in other cases is just simply highlighted.

    I appreciate the exchange of ideas we have had on this matter, Mr Baldy, more than you know, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to get a glimpse of your particular beliefs on this issue.



  13. Even with everything going on, Mr Baldy, no one can be 100% certain Jesus’ second coming is immediate. I hope it is, and I think there is strong evidence to suggest that it is, but until the day I am called home to be with the Lord, I must continue to pray the Holy Spirit uses me to be salt and light.

    I sure do pray if Christ should choose to tarry, that darkness in the world around me and beyond is pushed back, and the American people and folks all over the world embrace Christ and Christian virtue, specially in America, before all our freedom and liberty is gone. Hey, a man can dream can’t he? I don’t even recognize the world today compared to even the world twenty years ago. And perhaps while only the second coming of Christ might stop America from societal collapse under the heavy load of sin and bondage, life still must go on for those of us called to be servants of the Most High.


  14. I do believe that John the Baptist as we call him, called the leaders of his day, the Pharisees and the Sadduces, vipers and in no uncertain terms, told them what he thought. As well we know that he told King Herod about his sin with his brother’s wife, right? Seems to be this was the reason he lost his head as the woman was angry. Now we know this was all in God’s will, but he sure did not mince any words about what he thought about all of them.

    All of us here would be overjoyed if Obama truely repented and accepted the real Jesus Christ, not the one that has been invented for the easy way of calling oneself a Christian. Even on that he is a liar. And I will have no problem saying it.


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