Beck likens Norway victims to Hitler Youth

Comment by Adamantine:

Europe does apparently have a politicization of its society and a political correctness which is apparently  beyond that which has developed in most of the world. Sending young adults to a youth POLITICAL camp is strange and extreme by most nations standards.  Nothing validates the evil perpetrated against the campers but Beck may be correct to broach the topic in a world which would rather see the Emperor fully clothed when he is not. Norway came as close to inviting Germany into power in WWII as anyone. Hitler was mostly against race not religion. The next Antichrist archetype may use religion and not race. The next AC is most likely is to be a promoter of acceptance of all religions and against any religion that will not become part of a larger compromising group. Becks comments  are at high risk of being misunderstood as in some manner justifying a speck of the motive for the actions of the killer when they are not.  Beck comments help bring the problem in Norway into focus. A NATION WHICH SENDS ITS YOUTH TO POLITICAL CAMP MAY BE THE SAME TYPE OF NATION WHICH WILL PRODUCE A KILLER OF SUCH STRANGE POLITICAL REASONING. Beck will only suffer for his comments. At the moment the world is only ready for sympathy to Norway and hatred against the alleged perpetrator. This is of course a reasonable emotional reaction. A purely intellectual dissection of the horrible event will not be accepted/allowed for many years in public even if in secret the events are evaluated by homeland security and others in great detail.


2 thoughts on “Beck likens Norway victims to Hitler Youth

  1. You are right, the Labor party I think in Norway was in charge of the youth camp. Not sure what the Labor Party in Norway is, but remember the NAZI’s were the
    National Sozialistische Deutsch Arbeiter-Partei. It means National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

    and just look at what Hitler was able to do with them. The labor unions in this country are very scarey to me. They have been arrogant, pushy and violent for a long time. The mafia got into bed with them as well.

    Either way no matter what, things do not bode well for this world system. We already know this, as the bible tells us so. Man does not have the answers outside of doing things God’s way, and no nation wants to do this.


  2. Labour Party (Norway)From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    * Formerly member of Comintern (1919–1923) and Labour and Socialist International (1938–1940).

    The party headquartersThe Labour Party (Norwegian: Arbeiderpartiet, A/Ap) is a social-democratic[5] political party in Norway. It is the senior partner in the current Norwegian government as part of the Red-Green Coalition, and its leader, Jens Stoltenberg, is the current Prime Minister of Norway.

    The Norwegian Labour Party is officially committed to social-democratic ideals. Its slogan since the 1930s has been “work for everyone”, and the party seeks a strong welfare state, funded through taxes and duties.[6] During the last 20 years, the party has included more of the principles of a social market economy in its policy, allowing for privatisation of government-held assets and services and reducing income tax progressivity, following the wave of economic liberalization in the 1980s. The Labour Party profiles itself as a progressive party that subscribes to cooperation on a national as well as international level. Its youth wing is the Workers’ Youth League.

    The same kind of government our leader, or is he?, wants for America today. Social democracy. Yeah right, leads to dictators.

    According to what I read about the Labour Party, they wanted pacifism and neutrality in war.

    Beck has some really good points, and you are right, as usual he will be misunderstood, but so are the Christians here as well. Anyone with an ounce of truth is misunderstood today I do think.


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