What Brother Brian Thinks






*The EU & US economic situation is very fluid, and hard to predict.

*The ominous signs of worldwide economic calamity are becoming truer every day.

*The Palestinian push for a unilateral state still needs strong EU support and/or US support in order for it to be meaningful.




*Will the US default on its debt, and will that lead to hyperinflation?

*When will the EU contagion reach Spain, which is the most important player in the EU contagion story?

*Will the Palestinians get enough strong support to push a state that has meaning?




I am writing this early Saturday morning before the 11 AM (EST) meeting between Obama and top congressional leaders.  There is a decent chance of an American default.  I believe Obama knows that the economic situation is dire, and needs a scapegoat.  Tea Party Republicans are an easy target because the mainstream media cannot accept the power of Tea Party Republicans.  This allows Obama’s story line of the awful Tea Party fanatics to play well in American public opinion.  Obama is playing his cards fairly well.  I suspect a possible default, but the situation is so fluid, that by the time you read this the news may have changed dramatically. 


The EU contagion is not contained, and look for pressure to mount on Italian and Spanish bond yields.  If Spanish bond yields go beyond 7%, then the Spanish economy cannot cope with such high interest on its 10 year bonds.  I still believe the Spanish 10 year bond yields are the key to the economic turmoil in the EU.  The Greek default is coming, and if the US defaults, then economic times are going to be very hard.  Look for Tea Party Republicans to be associated with the Christian community, and persecution against Christians and Jews to increase as economic conditions worsen.


Southern Sudan seemingly has been quietly subdued, and the EU movement toward Jerusalem may be prophetically on its way.  If Egypt, Libya, and Sudan have been subdued, then Jerusalem is next.  The Palestinian unilateral state may propel the EU into Jerusalem.  The leadership void in the EU/US may propel an elderly statesman to the power of EU Foreign Minister, for when the Palestinian issue turns violent; Catherine Ashton is not going to be supported by EU member states. 


The EU is moving toward the Middle East, economic turmoil may lead to hyperinflation, and the continued hostility toward Christians and Jews shows that prophetic Scripture may be happening before our very eyes.  Time will tell, but so much is going on, how can this not be it?  God has surprised us before, so be prepared for any eventuality.


Thank you for your patience.  The epic lightning storm that affected my area is still having affects.  My internet is still spotty, and I am still trying to update as much as I can.  This is a good lesson for all of us.  One day the internet will be shut down, so all of us need to prepare for that day.  Lightning storm today, the Beast tomorrow.  May not be long.

Bro. Brian


Comment by Adamantine:

I have pasted Brother Brian’s excellent commentary for today.


2 thoughts on “What Brother Brian Thinks

  1. something is telling me to type this,…in my dream the other night,the bottom fell thru and in a heartbeat everything changed, the world was DIFFERENTovernight. the control mechanism went into full effect, we could no longer buy or sell ,and now we were the hunted ,and i knew it. i was immeadiately shocked/jolted in my mind, as if i knew we were stranded and doomed. then in my next breath i remembered,…and i knew, it was all about Jesus. assurance came over me—and then the dream ended./…….someone just recently told me that praise and worship is the key. GOD BLESS US ALL, tony in vt. / keep us Lord and deliver us from evil,..count us worthyLord, we pray for escape and safety, and we place ourselves under the blood of our Savior, JESUS CHRIST. have mercy on us and forgive us our sins. Strengthen in us Lord all things that remain…


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