That the Basest of Men may Lead.

Poland to set up meeting in Dec for North Africa in Warsaw

Postby James1:12 on Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:08 pm

Poland is also intending to support the new ENP and stand behind the Union for the Med.Polish policies are questioned by the House of Lords here: … ingId=8915At 16:26 they start questioning Poland on CSDP as it intends to replace the WEU Assembly.
“Poland is looking for all possible friends” in EU to move CSDP forward.Although they later state that they are not sure about exploring a Permanent Structured Cooperation system yet…..
but they don’t need to on an EU level as they already doing this outside with Weimar just as the UK and others are too.

Comment by Adamantine:
All throughout history conspiracies have occurred which brought kings to power. These tales are the stuff of which HBO makes some of its blockbuster movies for entertainment. We accept these as true but have a difficult time believing that such things occur today.
Judging by the degree to which mankind still practices all of the other deadly sins I suspect this one which is a greed for power still attracts the basest of men.
I remain suspicious that foul play brought the current polish government to power. In one plane crash the country moved from being against strong central EU government to that which today favors all things EU.
The books detailing this may never be written. Even today we do not know of the most successful coup d’etat’s. These are instead often recorded as the will of the electorate.

In the meantime the growth of so many  hodge podge military agreements between the various countries of the EU will soon demand someone to arrive on the scene who can make sense of such intricacies and lead.


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