The World acording to Twitter

Friday, July 22, 2011

twitter conversation

“Paco Pakontalo Cantalapiedra (journalist from newpaper ElPais):

“Are you playing the coward now? why you do not answer to the Messenger?”
July 20

Javier Solana:
“I answer all the world. You can check.”
July 20

Paco Pakontalo Cantalapiedra:
“The Roman Empire has risen”
July 21

Javier Solana:
“rather Charlemagne”
19 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

Paco Pakontalo Cantalapiedra:
“You are the main precursor, twitter knows everything …”
10 hours ago

Comment by Adamantine:
This was posted on another site.
I do not understand twitter well enough to make true sense of the importance or lack thereof  in such “twitter”
It seems all to easy to be misunderstood in such things.
In any case it is interesting to those for whom Charlemagne and Roman Empire are words of importance beyond ancient historical reference.

2 thoughts on “The World acording to Twitter

  1. this is not from Twitter, yet spoken like a true ac complished global leader.

    “There are, of course, specific, identifiable dangers, but what worries us most about terrorism, for example, is its unpredictable nature. What is most disturbing about the economy these days is its volatility – in other words, the inability of our institutions to protect us from extreme financial uncertainty.”


  2. “i answer all the world” he said—wow—makes me think that it is possible that one day soon the whole world (minus and except for the true church)-may very well answer to–him……


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