What is he saying?

Wickus here:

Sorry friends, there are no links to Twitter tweets, so I will just paste the original here. What do you make of this current tweets by JS?

@javiersolana Hay que saber retirarse y mirar el presente-futuro con la distancia que a ti (Kohl) te permitieron.


One must know how to retire and look at the present-future with the distance you (Kohl) will allow.

And then the following:

Javier Solana

@javiersolanaJavier Solana
….Then Kohl added: “She’s destroying my Europe.”…
I guess you are pondering what I’m pondering… Ashton is destroying his Europe while he is in retirement? And who is Kohl?

4 thoughts on “What is he saying?

  1. If this is the man, here are a few facts about Kohl.

    Helmut Kohl used to be chancellor of Germany. He is retired. On May 16, 2011, Kohl received the Henry A. Kissinger Prize at the American Academy in Berlin for his “singularly extraordinary role in German reunification and laying the foundation for a lasting democratic peace in the new millennium”


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