Prophetic Days, Months and Years

Comment by Adamantine:

I intend to muddy the water some at the onset  in order to clear our vision.

It has been the practice of most if not all writers who deal with prophecy as described in the Bible to view a day as 24 hours, a week as seven days (or seven years) and a year as 42 months, 360 days. This is often then used with mathematical accuracy to determine exact dates for the first time of Christ riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and by others to determine the exact time frames of the tribulation.

I suggest that it may be possible that in some circumstances these terms such as year, month day and hour are actual meant to be round numbers. These round numbers would only emerge during the actual days of fulfillment to be seen as prophetic fulfillment because their very lack of exactitude would not allow for perfect determination of their revelation.

May I use examples from everyday life to provide examples of that which I am describing. In the Bible it says to be not boastful of the future. One is told not to say next year we will go to some city and there we will buy and sell but rather to say that if it is God’s will we will do so. In this case a year does not mean 360 days  or even exactly 12 months. It has been the practice of most if not all prophecy writers to say that when writing about prophecy then and only then we must see these terms as exact. It is this idea that may be incorrect. In some cases where the dates are to be revelation to the people living at the time these terms might be meant to be taken as general designations and not exact determinations.

I would suggest that in some circumstances the dates are exact terms whereas in other they may be general time frames. If it is felt that two time frames describe the very same event then one described in months and the other described in days then these might then be exact. If the two time frames are not the same time frames but independent and unique time frames then they may be general as understood by the lay public in everyday use.

Hence if in the unlikely event that Javier Solana were to be appointed this week to serve out the remains of the five year term of Catherine Ashton he would still be serving out the remaining 42 months of her term even if he did not serve exactly 42 months x 30 days.

I suggest the following:

1) The EU Council President has called for a meeting of the presidents  of each country in the EU . This suggests  important decisions are to be made if possible as it requires the presidents to make major decisions. This is the first such unscheduled meeting has been called  as such that I am aware of since the Lisbon Treaty. It would take the votes of presidents to replace Ashton as it could not be done by foreign ministers.

2) It is possible that Javier Solana is to replace Catherine Ashton this week on July 21, 2010 which would allow Javier Solana to serve out the remaining 42 months of her term. We have seen multiple news articles which show she is at risk. ONE IN PARTICULAR WARNED SHE HAD UNTIL AUGUST 2011. The failure to get British approval of the new defense headquarters may be seen as a last important failure. Possibly she was selected in hopes of helping secure British cooperation in all things European and since Cameron has become Prime Minister this is not possible.

3) Javier Solana may already know of his appointment ( was he notified on July 14 ?) and this allowed him to tip his hand and show that he is not sympathetic to any god. He twittered an article yesterday which a Christian would not have passed along without critical comment.

4) For the ENPI to remain prophetically important we might expect some action fairly soon.

5) An appointment now of Javier Solana to the EU HRCFSP position would also facilitate movement by the UN this fall in the recognition of a Palestinian state.

6) Such outrageous speculations such as this are warranted because of the times we may be living.

7) Lastly something important must be afoot because calling an emergency Council meeting without accomplishing anything is the equivalence of crying wolf. Von Rompuy has gone out on  a limb to call such a meeting unless something is already a done deal.


3 thoughts on “Prophetic Days, Months and Years

  1. We will be watching this emergency meeting with great interest – and looking back at our Bibles for things that match that we might not have noticed before.


  2. yes, watching with great interest!

    Rev 22:20
    He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.


  3. That would make sense as well, as many of the metaphors of the end times are related to childbirth. We all know that while it’s roughly 9 months, or 40 weeks a woman typically carries a child, it is by no means exact. But once labor starts, you know it’s not going to end without the child coming.


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