“Plan of Diplomacy and Defense”

European Agenda Press Briefing for July 20.

19/07/2011 – 21:11
– News EuropaPress


Topics that make up the calendar of events and information for today by IRIN, grouped in sections of The Politics, Autonomy, Economy and Labour and Tourism. CURRENT POLICY

– French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, come to Madrid today to meet with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (today at 17.30 am in La Moncloa), Trinidad Jiménez (at 19.30, at the Palacio de Viana). At 19.45, joint press conference.And with Mariano Rajoy, to prepare the summit of eurozone leaders on Thursday in Brussels.

– 10.30: José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero will receive Mahmoud Abbas in the Moncloa.

– 11.00: Jesus Manuel Dolz Lago, prosecutor of the Supreme Court, will speak on “The probative value of expert forensic scientific officer”, in El Escorial.

12.00: Carme Chacón, Javier Solana presented the book “Plan of Diplomacy and Defense” at the Air Headquarters, entrance princess.

– 12.00: Jaime Mayor Oreja involved in the Summer School of New Generations of the PP in Madrid. At 18.00 the closing Esteban González Pons y Esperanza Aguirre, FC Hotelux Collado Villalba, Madrid.

Comment by Adamantine:

He is doing all of the things a politician “in the wilderness” should be doing.


One thought on ““Plan of Diplomacy and Defense”

  1. he’s doing an incredible amount of work for being retired and it appears he’s most definitely the “go to” person. (even iran would rather do “business” with him). if he is who we speculate that he is i don’t think he will be out there much longer in the wilderness but have a nice cushy chair waiting for him. the “cinderella” slippers aren’t fitting anyone else quite like they fit him at this point in my mind anyway…..


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