The Integration of “Prophetic” Voices

Comment by Adamantine:

Is there a prophetic presence today? Does God speak in visions, dreams, words of knowledge and prophetic utterances today? Is there such a things as a sanctified wisdom that sees personal events and world events in a clearer light because of God’s assistance? If so who may have such helps?

Personally I believe in ones unique responsibility to answer before God for ones own life and understanding. No pastor, priest, parent or partner may take that position. We should be willing to submit in worldly decisions at times in prayer to the family,church and civil authorities but even that should be done with great care.

Hence I listen to other “prophetic” voices but do not see any of them as able to replace that which God calls me to see. I argue the same is true for you.

I believe that prophetic gifts are for today simply because I think I have experienced SOME of them.

On the night I was baptized I had a dream where God confirmed my career choice. My wife had a vision while we were in prayer that was accurate in multiple details about the birth of a nephew we were in prayer for and included as a bonus details about the birth of our first son. In the previous post you may judge for yourself my assessment that 666 Gold in 2007 was given as a prophetic guidepost. Recently I was given a word of knowledge which if correct will be important for my life. In each case prayer was involved. In each case I was expecting God to be real and somehow place himself in the events of my life but in each case I was not expecting a dream,vision or word of knowledge. In each case I actually would have been quite ignorant of the possibility that God might work this way in my life. I am less ignorant now but those spiritual events in my life did not occur because I was seeking spiritual gifts. Each time I or others were attempting to lead a spiritual holy life.

For these reasons I accept more openly that others may have had some impartation of wisdom from God. Herb Peters saw recommendation 666 in answer to prayer. Many could not accept that God would ever act in such a way and immediately discounted his theory. Some discount Rick Joyner for much the same reason.

I have listened to Rick Joyner, Herb Peters and David Wilkerson despite my criticism of unique aspects of each ministry. In the end ,however, I think they are but a small part of God’s work on earth today warning and encouraging us of those things soon to come upon the earth.

This web site is an even smaller part of that work of God.

I am no doubt criticized for some unique foible of my own. We all see through a glass darkly. I also think each has seen some small part of the picture because God has revealed a small part to each.  Each part may be  factored and integrated into an understanding of the world that is informed by a Biblical worldview.

Using mathematical terminology if one integrates much that those ministries with a Biblical worldview are saying one should have concern for where the world is going. One might also have hope for where the church is going.

I do not add to the mix those ministries which are to my mind supporting outright sin.

I have no interest in the prophetic views of a church that supports abortion, homosexuality or lacks a strong understanding of the uniqueness of Christ as the only way to God the Father. Otherwise, I am open to at least hearing the thoughts of others. I also remain open to what God may choose for me.

I have never spoken in tongues but who knows what God has yet in store for those who love Him?


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