Teaching gay history now a requirement in Calif. schools


Teaching gay history now a requirement in Calif. schools


Comment by Adamantine:

The greatest evil is to celebrate and promote evil. I do not know how those Christians living in California can stomach these ever more vocal celebrations of sin. There have been many great men and women who have also in their private lives been homosexual. That does not become a reason to celebrate their sin. The law is meant to celebrate their historical achievements but the effect is also to celebrate and normalize the sin.

I am a sinner. I always have been and continue to be so. Someday God will write His laws upon my heart and the human frailties will cease. In the meantime I do not celebrate and promote them. God is patient and merciful but I would expect that to cease should He find me a rebellious promoter of all that he disapproves.

His mercy and patience to California will one day be interrupted. God will bring perfect judgment which will allow Him to have his way in California in what from human observation and standards will appear to be random destruction. Sunshine and calm serve His purposes today but the day is coming when darkness and chaos will serve it better. God prefers the sunshine too.


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