The European Neighborhood Policy Instrument

European Parliament uses ENPI against Syria

Postby James1:12 on Fri Jul 15, 2011 5:06 am

9. Welcomes the Council’s decision to impose restrictive measures on Syria and persons responsible for the violent repression against the civilian population, to suspend all preparations for new bilateral cooperation programmes, to suspend the ongoing bilateral programmes with the Syrian authorities under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) and the MEDA instrument, to invite the European Investment Bank (EIB) not to approve new financing operations in Syria for the time being, to consider suspending further Community assistance to Syria in the light of developments and not to take further steps with regard to the Association Agreement with Syria; supports the set of smart sanctions adopted by the Council, and calls on the Council to take a strong diplomatic initiative to persuade other countries to adopt the same sanctions; takes the view that the Council should continue to extend targeted sanctions to all persons and entities linked to the regime with the view to weakening and isolating them, paving the way for a democratic transition;

35. Strongly supports the Council’s position that the European Neighbourhood Policy will have to be equal to the new challenges in the Southern Neighbourhood; welcomes the commitment of the EU and Member States to accompany and support concrete efforts by the governments genuinely engaged in political and economic reforms, as well as civil societies; welcomes the setting-up of the Task Force for the Southern Mediterranean by the VP/HR;


Comment By Adamantine:

1) If there is a need it appears as though the ENPI may someday be used in Israel and the VP/HR involved.

2) From the other news we have heard in recent months we are correct in at least wondering if Ashton will remain VP/HR.

3) From what we suspect because of Biblical THEORIES we wonder if JS may return to the position of VP/HR

4) From what we know of the desire of some to start Passover sacrifices in Jerusalem and the desire of the Islamic world never to see the same we might wonder if the same ENPI may someday be used to stop Israel from starting or continuing the Passover sacrifices.

5) Hence there remains the statistically unlikely chance that JS might use the ENPI to stop the Passover sacrifice in Jusalem during the seven year period of the ENPI.

6) I do not know the odds of this occurring but our task is to be aware of the full ramifications should it occur.



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