An elderly retired Gentleman tells us “Humanity is threatened”

The main concerns of mankind today is not so much as threats indeterminate concrete evils. We are not concerned about risks visible, but diffuse dangers that could be extended to any place and at a most unexpected, and we do not have sufficient protections. Of course there are particular dangers that we can identify, but what concerns us most, for example, terrorism is its unpredictability, the disturbing of the current economy is volatile, that is, the weakness of our instruments to protect against instability financial, in general, many of our ailments are due to what we are exposed to threats that can only partially control. Our ancestors lived in a more dangerous but less risky, probably lived in a misery that is intolerable to us today, while we are exposed to risks that they did not know. If it costs us to understand the nature of these risks to them would have been literally unthinkable.

Interdependence means that we are exposed in a way that is unprecedented

Governing global risks is the great challenge of humanity

Think of everything that has to do with the effects of climate change, the risks of nuclear power and proliferation, terrorist threats (as qualitatively different from the dangers of conventional warfare), the side effects of political instability, economic impact of economic crisis, epidemics (whose risks are increased with greater freedom of movement of persons and foods), distrust, or panic, which is so fast and uncontrollable as the speed with which information is transmitted, the alarm which are not always reasonable and proportionate, as has emerged in the recent crisis cucumber … All these phenomena are part of the dark side of the globalized world: pollution, infection, instability, chains, turbulence, fragility, impact universal superexposición. We could speak in this regard the epidemic nature of contemporary society.

What is the cause of this feeling of being so exposed and its associated discomfort? This concern is owed to the reality of our interdependence, which incidentally also has tried many benefits. Speaking of interdependence is a way of referring to the fact that we are exposed in a way that is unprecedented, without adequate breast protector.Interdependence is equivalent to mutual dependence, shared weather. Nothing is completely isolated, no longer exist “foreign affairs”, everything is

has become home, the problems of others are now our problems, we can no longer make out with indifference or expected to lead necessarily to their advantage. This is the context of our peculiar vulnerability. The things that protect us (the distance, the intervention of the state, predicting the future, the classic defense procedures) have been weakened for various reasons and now just provide us with sufficient protection.

We may not have grasped all the geopolitical consequences arising from these new logics that make us so dependent on each other. In a world so complex even the most powerful is sufficiently protected, the logic of hegemony conflicts with the fact that, although small has not previously been negligible, the current phenomena of fragmentation and autonomy create situations of asymmetry and imbalance that are always favorable to the power game. The weak, when it is certain that will not win, can damage the stronger and even cause you to lose eventually. While in the Westphalian order, the law was the specific weight of each of the States, in an interdependent world the stronger continuously held hostage by the weakest in security, economic stability, their health or protection of “their” environment. Everyone is exposed to the effects of disorder and turbulence that develop in the periphery.

Superexposición This situation is largely unpublished and thus raises many questions for which we do not have timely responses. What nature can be protections in such a world?

No wonder a globally vulnerable, contagious, inevitably trigger protection and prevention strategies, which are not always effective and reasonable, which often result in movements hysterical, unfounded fears and overreactions. Feelings of fear and xenophobia that can awaken some of the defense strategies end up as societies become more damage than that of which we would like to protect. In the era of global warming, smart bombs, digital attacks and global epidemics, our societies must be protected with more complex and subtle strategies. We can not follow procedures that seem to ignore the environment of interdependence and common exposure on these global risks.

We must learn a new grammar of power in a world that consists of more common goods and bads self-interest. They have not disappeared, of course, but they are untenable outside the framework of common game in which everyone is involved. While the old game of power promoted the protection of the self and the disregard for the alien, the forces mutualise superexposición risks, to develop cooperative procedures to share information and strategies. There’s more to this debate points to the global governance, the horizon of humanity must now pursue with the utmost of their powers. It sounds hard but it has nothing to do with pessimism govern global risks is the great challenge of humanity if we do not want the thesis of the end of history is verified, not as an apotheosis of placid triumph of liberal democracy, but the worst collective failure.

Comment by God:

Matthew 24:21

New Living Translation (NLT)

21 For there will be greater anguish than at any time since the world began. And it will never be so great again.

Comment by Adamantine:

Yes Humanity is threatened but  the question remains by whom?


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