Burying cash in the garden

A hand thumbing through a stack of bills

GREECE | 13.07.2011

Greeks drain banks and seek new home for stashed cash

Investors in Greece are worried about what might happen to their savings in banks if the state goes broke. Some are moving their money abroad, some are investing elsewhere, and some are burying cash in their gardens.

Comment by Adamantine:

The US is not far behind.

Burying drachmas and dollars in the garden might eventually serve as a cheaper form of manure fertilizer.

Thanks to nonymous for the link.


One thought on “Burying cash in the garden

  1. Our faith will be tried and refined as gold. All these things our Father is well aware of. He is still on the throne and in control. Hang on and know that this world is not our home. Jesus will come and sit on the throne of David and rule and reign and make all these things right. True justice is on the way.


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