Christine Lagarde, IMF Chief, Asks U.S. To Raise Borrowing Limit

Imf Borrowing Limit


Comment by Adamantine:

What is wrong with this picture?

Christine Lagarde, IMF Chief, Asks U.S. To Raise Borrowing Limit


1) The picture should be that of another person as head of the IMF.

Dominuque Strause Kahn  should still be IMF Chief as no one should lose a job because of accusations.  In addition it appears as though  the rape case is likely to be dropped.

2) Christine Lagarde is using her mother as the guide for morals. Her guide should be God

3) Christine Lagarde is commenting on a political question in the US which should not be something of her concern,

4) The US was absolutely foolish to borrow money on the world markets to finance affairs unless the very survival of the nation was at risk. At the time the nations survival was not at risk. Much of the money was borrowed to help oil rich nations such as Iraq which have no intention of paying this back with oil,money or good will.

5) The US Congress has the option of cutting expenses rather than borrowing more and raising the debt limit. Christine Lagarde should not be taking sides in this fiscal discussion

6) The US is on a course to systemic failure and the picture will not be pretty.

7) Under most circumstances this would not be of prophetic concern but because of the approaching decisions on world affairs as it relates to Israel and Palestine anything that has the potential to disrupt the world’s economies may be prophetic. It would be occurring during the only seven year treaty between the revived revised Roman Empire and a revised and revived Israel.


3 thoughts on “Christine Lagarde, IMF Chief, Asks U.S. To Raise Borrowing Limit

  1. She should mind her own business. I do think it was awfully convenient to get her in there- a busybody globalist- over the Jewish man that had the job before. It will be a lot easier to take action against Israel financially without a leader that might be sympathetic to them, or unwilling to buy into the great deception.


  2. just goes to show everyone how advanced the global agenda really is and how on board our government is with it. our leaders have been throwing away the sovereignty of the united states for quite a while now and our people like sheep have apathetically and ignorantly abdicated their responsibility to learn and hold leaders to that accountability. people who refuse to learn from history are bound to repeat it as they say…….and playing right into the devil’s hands.


  3. Yea America raise your debt limit again and devalue the bonds that other countries hold like China, Japan the EU and others.
    Situation is this: America either raise their limit or put their citizens through massive austerity measures which will crush most people who are already on the brink and cause massive hyperinflation in the USA especially.
    So its a no win situation due to it is a mathematical impossibility for the US to pay back their debt.
    Only way out is default and drop the US dollar as the world reserve currency in favor of the IMF model (Global Reserve Currency) with a Global federal reserve.
    If people cant see that coming they really are honestly sleeping or stupid 🙂


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