Proud of America

Javier Solana has condemned the execution in Texas of Mexican Humberto Leal García. He regretted that “the president of a country that has the death penalty” is an owner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

” I do not think that it is good to have a Nobel Peace Prize president of a country that has the death penalty. With all due respect to Obama . ” This has been written by the former representative of EU Foreign Policy, former secretary general of NATO and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Spanish on your Twitter account . ” Europe is where there is no death penalty. I am proud to be European, “he added .”

Comment by Adamantine:

I am quite often bashing the US on this site. I have now reason to applaud the USA.

I am proud to speak of  a country that still respects government of the people by the people and for the people.

Texas in their wisdom chose to execute a convicted rapist. Texas is a state with a death penalty. This was not a decision for the nation as a whole nor for the world as a whole.  Javier Solana in his wisdom thinks that the worlds wisdom as decided by the Nobel Peace Prize group in Swededn should somehow find juxtaposition to the events in Texas.

In response I say the following:

1) The government of Texas is determined by Texans and not Californians or Europeans. It is most decidedly not determined by Sweden nor Javier Solana.

2) The case in question never was about the apparent facts of the case. It involved violent rape and murder the details of which are too sick to be repeated now.

3) The extenuating circumstances which led to any interest by Mexico in the case involves the fact that the Mexican convicted of the crime was in the USA from age two on. Hence the very same people who would usually claim citizenship for this individual by campaigning for some sort of “dream act” have instead chosen to emphasize the Mexican citizenship of this individual when it fits another purpose. The claim was that as a Mexican he should have support from the Mexican consulate. That issue will need to be clarified for future cases but in this place and time it was best that the People of Texas did not bend to the will of Europe and the likes of Javier Solana.

I have yet to see one comment by Javier Solana lauding God. He appears to be a Godless individual and as such I do not look to him for wisdom or leadership. Europe is becoming Godless and they may very well seek out the help of such a man as Javier Solana. Speaking of death I might add the Bible says “There is a way which seems right to man but the end thereof is death”. I suggest that holding back the execution of murdering rapists may seem right to some men but it ends in the death of others when these evil men rape and kill again.

Thanks to Bjorn for the link.

I welcome any debate about the death penalty. It is a topic with nuances which I have not detailed. I have some reservations about its application in many cases. The most important point I would like to make is that this is an issue for the local government to decide. Javier Solana thinks all decisions need to be international and arrived at by the consensus of a few wise men. He of course so often finds himself among these consensus committees which often are simply a means to circumvent democratic government. men such as Javier Solana seem to think their opinion matters on everything. He is a capable man. Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin were also capable men.

The Christian knows to look to leaders who are steeped in the Wisdom of the Bible. The Constitutionalist democrat knows to look to law and the government of the people by the people and for the people.

The Bilderbergers  look to the rich capable men and women and hope to lead by appointment, wealth, subterfuge and circumvention of the will of the people especially when it seems to them to be guided by “outdated” concepts of religion and deity.


2 thoughts on “Proud of America

  1. I was very happy to see that the governor of Texas did not bow down to Obama regarding this execution. I believe vicious murderers all should get the death penalty. And it should be done swiftly not years and years later as well.


  2. I agree with Solana on the point of the peace prize and the death penalty. It is hypocritical from the USA to say 1 thing then do the other. But then again the USA has a reputation for doing 1 thing and then going the opposite way.
    We don’t have the death penalty in Australia anymore we woke up years ago.
    America is the only western country that has the death penalty i think now and their in good company with the Muslim nations and military dictatorships.

    Being a Aussie i would rather be in the company of Europe regarding the death penalty.
    On the point of the death penalty I don’t agree with it. No man should put another man to death well unless you follow Allah or some other pagan god.
    Whats the difference if someone sold drugs to someone and that person who bought the drugs dies? Does the seller deserve to die? no.
    What if someone gets drunk and runs over a mother and her kid in a pram? does the driver deserve to die? Nope.
    Same with murder whether its premeditated, A accident or whatever and unless we are a society that treats a eye for a eye then the USA definitely fails. If we used that for everything then everyone would be taking revenge out all the time.
    I’m sure God has his own punishment for people who murder and rape.
    I agree they should be locked for their remainder of their life away but not put to death.
    EVERYONE deserves a chance.
    What about the people who were killed with the death penalty only to find with advances in DNA technology they shouldn’t have even been in jail from the start.
    People like Bernard Madoff who scammed and destroyed many peoples lives, I’m sure some of them went on and killed themselves due to what he did. But he doesn’t deserve to die.
    Remember also Murder, rape, drugs or whatever are SINS and we HAVE been forgiven for them and that’s not to say they are right but it is GOD who will judge,
    Man should never have dominion over man.
    Praise Jesus.


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