The Internet and Prophecy

Comment by Adamantine:

The main actor in the theory we consider on this site as the prime candidate for Antichrist began to influence the peace process in the Middle East in 1991 -1993.

It may be coincidence that the internet grew at this time.

In any case without the internet the great majority of the news we follow now would not be available to us if we were dependent on the news delivery sources of 1991. I used to follow prophecy by buying 4-5 international news papers weekly in the early 1990’s. These newspapers provided information but from such sources we never would have heard about such details as the group of politicians who this week delivered a letter to the current leadership of the EU recommending the UN recognition of a Palestinian state this Fall.

If in the end we find these things to be correct then we might find that from God’s perspective the internet was provided principally for the needs of the Church which was commanded to watch.


2 thoughts on “The Internet and Prophecy

  1. Yes. I use the forward and back buttons on internet explorer to go “to and fro” all the time. Amusing how amazingly simple it applies to scripture.


  2. Right so do I. lol, I sure think it has helped the whole world know what is happening that is for sure. So no one can be without excuse for really not knowing what is going on. Thanks to all the good sites that post things, this one included.


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